When one of your best boys gets engaged, it is your duty as a mate to make sure that their stag do abroad includes at least one or two moments that make the groom-to-be squirm with unwanted attention or humiliation. When done with the best intentions, these moments can be hilarious for the rest of you and he’ll look back and laugh once the initial embarrassment wears off. One great way of achieving this goal is to take your boy to a strip club and get him up on stage, tied to a pole with two sexy dancers undressing him and pouring champagne all over his naked body! Sound fun? It is. They’ll even give you a round of beers and a shot each on the house.

For this Stag Activity, the Price Includes:

  • A local guide
  • Strip Club Entry
  • Ongoing stage performance
  • A round of beer and shot each person
  • Transfer on the way to the Strip Club
  • Stag on stage tied to a pole with dancers undressing him and pouring a bottle of champagne over him!
  • Minimum 8 persons requirement