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Sofia Stag Do Reviews

Is Sofia Ideal For Your Stag Do?

All You Need To Know

The complex and dynamic city that is Sofia offers up a veritable world of contrasts and contradictions, making it a fascinating and eclectic place to visit for stag groups. The city is clean, modern and efficient, while at the same time being old, crumbling and ramshackle. Culture and history lurks at every corner, with Churches, museums and ancient ruins to explore for those culturally inclined. And to balance out all the history, the city also has a warren of bars, pubs and clubs for groups who prefer to stay out late.

  1. Visit the St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral: If you’ve done any online research for Sofia, you’ve probably already seen the St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral. The huge, onion domed structure was built between 1882 and 1912 and today is one of the most iconic symbols of the city and any stag do in Sofia would be incomplete without at least checking out the outside of the building.
  2. Check out the street art on Tsar Ivan Shishman Street: Street art is a cool way to get to grips with the more gritty and underground side of the city and the very best place. See what creative masterpieces the local artists come up with on Tsar Ivan Shishman Street, where the walls, houses and even electricity boxes have been transformed into vibrant and colourful murals.
  3. People watch on Vitosha Boulevard: Named after the mountains that can be seen in the distance, Vitosha Boulevard is one of Sofia’s most popular areas for shopping, strolling, drinking and dining. Just choose a café or bar, order a nice cold pint and sit back and watch the world go by.
  4. Go for a traditional Bulgarian meal: The food in Bulgaria is lush and Sofia is the real gastronomic epicentre. For the meat lovers amongst you, this city is an absolute heaven with meaty, protein rich dishes that will make your mouth water. 
  5. Visit a typical Rakia bar: The national drink of Bulgaria, Rakia, is extremely strong and potent. Do as the locals do and visit a typical Rakia bar for drinks after dinner. T Just be sure to line the stomach first – its 65% alcohol.
  1. Zorbing: Fun doesn’t get much simpler than zorbing on your stag do in Sofia. The concept is easy. You climb into a giant inflatable, ball made of shock absorbent transparent rubber, then let yourself roll down a hill while trying to keep your lunch down. Great fun!
  2. Private Yacht Cruise: What better way to soak in the sights and the atmosphere of vibrant Sofia, than from the deck of your own private yacht, on a cruise where you and the boys are the real VIPs. You’ll cruise the lake for two hours before heading back to shore to continue the party on dry land.
  3. Offroad Safari: Stand aside boys, this activity is for the real men only. You need serious balls of steel to navigate the countryside outside Sofia in hardcore two tonne Land Rovers built like heavy duty tanks! Be prepared to get down and dirty with nature, with an expert guide to show you how to handle the beast like a dream in the offroad safari!
  4. Indulge in a Strip Party Bus: If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it in style, so why not combine one of the top stag do staples, with a unique party experience in a private party bus around the capital! The ride will last either one or two hours and will include, drinks, a personal waitress, two sexy strippers and a DJ, all there to ensure you have the most epic night of the trip!