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You may already know that Prague is one of Europe’s premier stag party destinations. From its mélange of historical and contemporary architecture to its amazing art galleries and museums, from its delicious food to its cosmopolitan and dynamic party scene filled to the brim with gorgeous girls, Prague has something to offer everyone and our stag activities are designed to showcase this incredible destination. Prepare yourself because this party is going to be huge.

Prague, the gem of Bohemia, the eccentric and artistic wild child of Europe, and the majestically beautiful capital of the Czech Republic. If Prague was a woman, she’d be a hard-core party animal, always up for a good time, a bit of tease, but with a touch of class and a huge appetite. Sounds like the perfect female. Well it’s also the perfect stag destination.
Located in the North East of the Czech Republic, the real beauty of this city is how multi-dimensional it is. Prague is not just a wild party destination, where nightlife runs rampant and booze is cheap; it’s also a haven for foodie’s with restaurants and street food to die for, it’s a cultural hub where history and arts come together in a heady mix, it’s a place famous for its beautiful women and its local beers. Prague is a place where hedonism is not only practised but actively encouraged making it a veritable stag do paradise.

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