Well here is a unique activity which we encourage you to engage prior to a night out. It is time to separate the men from the boys, with this fear-filled stag activity in Ayia Napa. The Paranoia haunted house is decked out to resemble a real den of ghouls, monsters, horror movie characters and dead things coming back to life. You’ll be hard pressed not to scream as you fumble your ways through the dark, cob-web strewn corridors in search of the exit. And for those who can’t handle the thrill, there is a “chicken shit” exit that can be used at any time. Great scare experience for the stag.

For this Stag Activity, the Price Includes:

  • A local guide
  • Entry into the unknown
  • 15 minutes of terror and chills running down your spine
  • Best combined with a bar crawl
  • Minimum 6 person requirement