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4 Star Accommodation

From £35 / €40 per person


From £29 / €33 per person

Catamaran Cruise

From £62 / €70 per person

Catamaran Cruise

From £62 / €70 per person


From £32 / €36 per person

Honda Enduro Experience

From £158 / €180 per person

Hummer Limousine Ride

From £26 / €29 per person

Jeep Safari

From £33 / €37 per person

Jeep Safari & Boat Trip

From £53 / €60 per person


From £43 / €49 per person

Limousine Cruise

From £22 / €25 per person

Rock Climbing

From £43 / €49 per person

Self-Drive Boat and Water Sports

From £38 / €43 per person

Spa Night

From £92 / €105 per person

Strip service

From £19 / €22 per person

Wine Tour

From £30 / €34 per person

Yacht Cruise

From £106 / €120 per person

Local Cuisine Feast

From £28 / €32 per person

Quad Biking Safari

From £48 / €54 per person

Brewery Tour

From £28 / €32 per person

Horse Riding

From £33 / €37 per person

VIP Bar and Club Night

From £22 / €25 per person

Go Karting

From £29 / €33 per person

Roundtrip Airport Transfer

From £25 / €28 per person

Under Sea Walking

From £40 / €45 per person

Yacht Cruise

From £106 / €120 per person

Luxury Apartments

From £44 / €50 per person

Mountain Biking

From £52 / €59 per person

4 Star Accommodation

From £35 / €40 per person


From £35 / €40 per person

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Paphos Stag Do Reviews

Get the lowdown on Paphos

Paphos combines the contemporary cosmopolitan world with ancient antiquity to breathtaking effect. It’s ideal for the stag party seeking intellectual thrills as well as a surfeit of sun, surf, and the kind of crazy party scene every stag’s last night of freedom deserves!

Key Facts

Currency: Euro
Official Language: Greek and English
Dialling Code: +357
Emergency Number: 112
Population: +33,000

When it comes to planning a truly awesome stag do abroad, Paphos has it all. There are kick ass beaches for swimming, snorkelling, water-sports and the all-important hot chick watching, loads of great stag team activities to enjoy, and a vibrant and buzzing nightlife. The food is also amongst the best in Cyprus and the people are some of the island’s friendliest.
Add copious amounts of sunshine, and wallet friendly prices for good booze and grub, and you’ve got yourself a top stag destination for any number of different tastes and groups.

Located right on the coast in the West of Cyprus, Paphos has the warm Mediterranean sea on one side and the spectacular, Paphos mountain range on the other, so whether your stag group enjoy hiking or swimming, there are activity ideas to suit everyone. The destination even has some unique alternative stag activity ideas up its sleeve… Read on to find out more.

Top Things to Do


  1. Jeep Safari in Akamas: Unleash your inner adventurer junkie on a jeep safari around the wildest; remotest and most untouched spot this side of Cyprus. Off-roading to secret lagoons, driving through the dust and sand, this is a stag activity for the real men in the group.
  2. Rent a self-drive boat with watersports: Your stag do is all about celebrating the grooms last days or weeks of freedom, and one way of doing just that is by renting a boat and experiencing the liberating feeling of being out at sea. Bring along an ice-box full of cold beers and rent a couple of water-skis or rubber rings to ramp up the fun factor.
  3. Relax on the Beach: A good way to get over your hangover from the party last night is to spend a day soaking up the sun and swimming in the clear blue sea on the beach. Grab a couple of sun loungers and umbrellas and doze off to the sound of the waves lapping on the shore. This is a great activity if you’re planning another big night out. Save energy AND get a sexy suntan. Two birds – one stone!


  1. Taste the local Mezze flavours: Ever heard of a Cyprus Mezze? Well imagine being served delicious local delicacies continuously until you physically can’t eat another bite. A stag do in Paphos would be incomplete without testing your appetites, while also enjoying some of the traditional Cypriot flavours. Just don’t forget to tell the waiter to stop when you can’t eat any more otherwise it’ll just keep coming!
  2. Bar Hopping: There a plenty of great bars in Paphos, the problem is, if you’ve travelled to Cyprus for your stag do, you probably won’t know the best ones to drink at. Let us show you! Our team of nightlife experts will ensure you start your stag party the right way, with a bar crawl around the top watering holes in town.
  3. Go for an evening Boat Party: A cool alternative way to party in Paphos on your stag weekend is to go to a boat party. The intimate surroundings of the boat make for a great way to meet new people and get the crowd to join in your stag games.

Top Stag Activities in Paphos

  1. Visit the local Brewery: Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company have an awesome little microbrewery hidden away in the foothills of the Paphos mountains. Not only do they make stunning craft ales, but a visit out to see the fine lads at Aphrodite, is also a great alternative activity that will allow you to explore this other side of the destination.
  2. Drive Mini Tanks: Alright lads, own up – you’ve all fantasised about crushing the enemy in a military tank at some point in your lives. Well a stag do is as good a time as ever to live your fantasies with activities such as mini tank driving that you and your mates can do either during the day, or at night.
  3. Have an Honda Enduro Motorbike Experience: Go fast and furious on your stag do in Cyprus with a Honda Enduro Motorbike Experience around the rugged coastline. This activity idea is an alternative from the usual drunken debauchery and will allow you to explore a bit of the island. Just make sure your not at the back or you’ll be eating dust all day long!


What to Eat

Mezze, Halloumi, Souvlaki, Octopus, Calamari, Fresh Fish
DINE OUT @ Seven St. George’s tavern, where the unique and diverse mezze is made from organically grown and sourced local produce.

Seven st georges tavern

What to Drink

Local beers: Keo, Leon
Spirits: Zivania, Ouzo, Mastiha
DRINK OUT @ Robin Hood Pub, for a real authentic local pub feel

Exclusive Destination Events

Cyprus Marathon: March
International Chamber Music Festival: May
Choir Festival: June
Arkadia Festival: August
Paphos Aphrodite Festival: September
Paradise Jazz Festival: September
The Cyprus International 4-day Challenge: November

Public Transport

Public Transport and Cyprus are not two things that tend to go hand in hand. There are buses from the airport to the town centre, but they are pretty unreliable and the schedule is far from set in stone.
Stag groups travelling to Paphos would do well to either rent their own transport, which will make getting around to beaches, bars and various exciting activities much easier, or – for those on a bigger budget, use taxi’s to get from A to B.
Alternative stag transportation ideas could include renting buggies, quads or mopeds. For the extravagant stags willing to splash a bit of cash and looking to impress the ladies, rent a limosine or a hummer.

Segway in Paphos


Boys, if there’s one thing you need to remember to bring on your stag do to Cyprus, its sun cream. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Partying the night away will be 100 percent less enjoyable if you’re burnt a deep shade of lobster red. The sun scorches down on this little Mediterranean island for around 360 days a year and temperatures in the summer months from June to August can go up to 46-47 degrees. Yup – that hot! Autumn and Spring are the best seasons to organise your stag weekend abroad in Cyprus because the weather is perfect, the days are long and warm – so plenty of time for fun outdoor stag activities, and the nights are cool and fresh – the ideal temperature for partying!

Useful Costs

Cost of a good mezze in a restaurant: 20-40 Euro
Cost of a Souvlaki: 5 Euro
Cost of a pint of beer: 3-4 Euro
Cost of a cocktail in a club: 8-10 Euro
Cost of a bottle of water: 1.50 Euro
Cost of a Cappuccino: 4 Euro
Cost of a one way ticket on the bus: 1-2 Euro
Cost of Taxi (min): 3.50 Euro

Tip from a Local

“Take a hike up the Avgaz Gorge just outside Paphos. The walk is fairly easy and the best bit is that you can stop at the Viklari hill top restaurant at the end, for the best barbeque, refreshing ice cold beers and one of the most awesome views on the island!” – Harris, Paphos.

Did You Know?

  • Cyprus is called the island of love because it is said that Aphrodite was born into the water in Paphos.
  • The Paphos mountains are home to the legendary Cyprus Moufflon which isn’t found anywhere else in the world.
  • Paphos is due to be the European Capital of Culture in 2017.
  • Sir Paul McCartney, Emma Thompson, Simon LeBon, Rod Stewart, Prince Albert of Monaco and Gordon Ramsey are just some of the celebrities that have holidayed in Paphos.
  • Paphos is one of the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Cyprus!