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Get the lowdown on Krakow

Krakow is a city that has a little something for everyone and every type of stag party. Besides history, art and an old-world atmosphere all its’ own, Krakow offers visitors entertainment and leisure in the form of clubs, cabarets, cafes, bars, wine cellars, and some of the best restaurants in Eastern Europe. You want it? This city has got it

Krakow is a top stag destination for two very simple reasons. First of all, the city has the most bars per capita than any other city in the world meaning that even if you spend your entire trip visiting all the bars and pubs that your liver can manage, you still won’t have seen them all! The second reason is the price. Krakow is dirt cheap, but unlike some destinations, the great prices come with a great atmosphere and great quality. So technically you’re paying less, for more. It’s a Win Win situation if you ask us!
Apart from the two most obvious reasons to visit Krakow on your stag weekend abroad, there is also the tempting fact that the Polish women are not only stunning, but they’re also up for a good time. The food is lip-smackingly good, all home cooked meaty stews, smoked cheese and stuffed dumplings. The nightlife really is amongst the best in Europe, and there are so many things to do in and around the city for culture vultures, adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, museum geeks, art lovers, foodies and even shopaholics!

 Key Facts

Currency: Polish Złoty
Official Language: Polish
Dialling Code: +48
Emergency Number: 112
Population: +755,000

 Top Things to Do


  1. Day trip to Wieliczka salt mine: Krakow’s attractions and activities are not all over ground. The Wieliczka salt mine is a fascinating underground monument and museum, which will give your stag group a unique perspective on the destination.
  2. White Water Rafting: For the active stag groups, a great alternative activity during your trip to Krakow is a day of riding the rapids at Krakow’s Olympic 350m man-made course on the River Vistula.
  3. Visit Auschwitz concentration camp:  Your stag do abroad will probably constitute a lot of partying, drinking and debauchery, but let’s face it boys, if you are in Krakow for the weekend, you might as well get to know the destination, so embark on some cultural activities such as visiting Auschwitz Concentration Camp – A pillar of Polish history.
  4. Get Spooked at Lost Souls Alley: A visit to Krakow’s first ever interactive museum dedicated to fear is a great Stag idea to help separate the men from the boys! Who will scream first? Who will grab onto the others for protection? Who will run? And who will stay strong? You decide.


  1. Explore the bars of Kazimierz: Kazimierz is far and away the coolest place to go out in Krakow. The main square, Plac Nowy has emerged as the something of a Mecca for the city’s sub culture, lined on all four sides with the best bars, clubs and pubs around.
  2. Vodka Tasting: Poland has some pretty decent beers, and drinkable wines, but where the Poles really excel when it comes to alcoholic beverages, is Vodka. Get right into the ‘spirit’ of the destination, with an educational(!) Vodka tasting experience.
  3. Try the local Polish Food: If your stag group are planning on seriously testing Krakow’s nightlife, you’ll be well advised to line your stomachs with a hearty helping of traditional Polish cooked food first. Stews, soups and dumplings will help get you ready to party!
  4. Drinks at the Forum Hotel:  If you are looking for an alternative place to party while on your Stag do in Krakow then head over the river to the Forum Hotel. This abandoned old socialist hotel has been transformed into a seriously hip bar with deckchairs on the lawn outside for cold beers as the sun sets. Perfect!

 Top Stag Activities in Krakow

  1. Airsoft Gun Battle: This stag activity will give you the chance to live your gritty urban gangster fantasies in an all-out gun battle using replicas of real guns and plastic bullets, in a derelict old warehouse in the industrial outskirts of Krakow.
  2. Stag Party Tram: Partying in bars and clubs is great and the nightlife in Krakow means you and your mates will have plenty of options, but for an alternative stag party idea, why not go all out and rent a private tram to take you around the city complete with booze, music and even strippers if you want them.
  3. VIP Club Entry: A stag do is all about celebrating, living it large. Go big or go home we say, so to really get in the mood of indulgence and extravagance by partying VIP style. You’ll be the Kings of the club with the best table in the house and free drinks. This is a sure fire way to impress the Polish hotties.
  4. Brewery Tour: This is a great stag activity for those who want to get a bit of pre-drinking in early before the real party starts! The Tychy brewery makes pretty fine beers which you’ll get to sample during the tour. After all tasting the local booze is a good way of getting to know the culture!

 What to Eat

Pierogi Ruskie, Placki Ziemniaczane, Kotlet Schabowy, Gołąbki, Bigos
DINE OUT @ Chata Restauracja on Krowoderska Street for home cooked Polish specialities in a cosy atmosphere

 What to Drink

Local beers: Żywe, Lwy, Kozlak and Amber Classic
Local Vodka: Wiśniówka, Żołądkowa Gorzka, Krupnik, Żubrówka, Goldwasser
DRINK OUT @ Alchemia in Kazimierz, frequented by the hippest local urbanites

 Public Transport

Luckily for stag groups on a bit of a budget, Krakow is well served with a variety of public transport options from buses to street trams and even trains that will whizz you to most other major cities in Poland.
The main city centre is small enough to get around on foot, or another cool idea for the active stags is bicycle rental which will allow you to travel further.
Alternatively, hire a private Hummer or Limo for your own luxury transport around Krakow – you can even request a sexy stripper to come and join you for the ride.


Although Poland can get pretty darn cold in the long winter months from around November to April, there are still plenty of invigorating and entertaining stag activities that can be held inside like indoor go karting. Generally the Spring, Summer or even Autumn are better times to travel abroad to Krakow for your stag do. The weather is warmer, the days are brighter and the list of activities is much longer!

 Useful Costs

Cost of a good meal in a restaurant: 30-40 Zloty
Cost of a plate of Pierogi: 15 Zloty
Cost of a pint of beer: 7-8 Zloty
Cost of a cocktail in a club: 15 Zloty
Cost of a bottle of water: 2-3 Zloty
Cost of a Cappuccino: 7 Zloty
Cost of a one way ticket on the bus: 3.80 Zloty
Cost of Taxi (min): 8 Zloty

 Did You Know?

  • Once the capital city of Poland, Krakow is one of the country’s oldest cities dating back to the 7th century
  • The historical city centre of the city is a UNESCO world heritage site
  • According to old traditional Polish legend, Krakow is protected by a dragon after the city was built under the beast’s cave
  • Krakow has one of the highest concentrations of bars and pubs per square kilometre in the world
  • These numerous drinking establishments usually only close when the last drinker leaves