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Why You Should Pre Organise VIP Club for Your Stag Night Out

Often the best parts of any stag do abroad, are the nights out. You’re in a foreign country with all your best mates, you are all well up for it and feeling far away from the responsibilities of normal life, no one knows who you are and everything around you is new and different. Sounds like the recipe for stag night success, right!
And we all know that as more and more of the boys start getting married, these big lads’ nights will become less and less frequent, so treat yourselves, indulge and make the most of the opportunity, by booking yourselves a VIP club reservation. Need more convincing?

Here are 8 more great reasons why

Jump the Queue
If you are visiting some of the popular nightlife destinations like Ayia Napa, Bucharest of Prague on your stag do abroad, you’ll be partying with thousands of other revellers and having a VIP reservation will mean you and the lads can arrive whenever you want and skip the queue.
Try not to look too smug while you’re bypassing those patiently waiting in line, will you boys!

Dedicated Guide or Guides
If you book your VIP club reservation through an agency like Eventhuse, you’ll be provided with your very own lovely guide or guides for your night out on the town.
This means you’ll have someone local with you to help you find the place and to smooth over any language barriers, as well as someone to show you the customs, traditions and nightlife etiquette, as well as help keep the banter and energy up all night long.

Private Table for the Group
One of the best things about booking your stag group a VIP club reservation is that you will get your very own table. This may sound like nothing much, but a table means you’ll have a spot to safely leave your drinks and your stuff (as long as someone stays on the table at all times) and you have a place to take a time out from the dance floor, sit down and chill.
And the convenience and advantages of having your own table doesn’t stop there. Read on my pretties.

Proximity to the Dancefloor
Some of these nightclubs in our European destinations are huge so sometimes you’ll have to squeeze through crowds of pumped up party goers to even reach the dancefloor and you can forget about trying to make it to the urinals.
But with your own table and VIP reservation, you’ll be closer to the dancefloor meaning you can not only people watch (read hottie spot) as the crowd bumps and grinds to the music, but you’ll also be able to easily join the mosh pit when a tune you like comes on.

Your Own Personal Bartender
Just as pushing your way to the dancefloor can be a nightmare in a packed club, trying to get a drink is even harder. With a VIP club reservation, you don’t need to worry because you and the lads will have your own private bartender or waiter to take your orders and serve up your drinks directly to the table.

Attention from The Ladies
For some reason, VIP tables have this tendency of attracting the ladies; and as a big group of lads out to have an epic night, you are sure to catch their attention. Just remember boys, what goes on tour, stays on tour.

Could Be Cost Saving
Although it sounds like the more expensive option, booking a VIP nightclub reservation for you and the lads might actually wind up cheaper. You will all have to pay an entrance fee anyway and with the VIP booking all fees are included, as well as table service and the first few drinks.
There is also usually a minimum spend for reservations, meaning that all the lads will pitch in the same amount for bottles and drinks. Splitting the cost this way can often end up cheaper then spending on individual drinks, shots and rounds.

Group Sticks Together
We think that this is one of the best benefits of booking a VIP club reservation for your big stag night out
You’ll have a place that you can all chill together in the club and having your own table will mean you’ll get more proper quality club time together, playing drinking games, laughing at each other’s dance moves and rating the ladies, instead of getting lost in the crowds.

Here at Eventhuse we offer VIP club reservation options in all of our destinations across Europe so come and have a peruse of our activities pages and see what else you’d like to add to the itinerary to take your stag to the next level.

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