Why live it large on a stag party abroad?

While parties in your own backyard are unquestionably great, sometimes you’ve just got to splurge and take the party abroad in order to make the occasion truly memorable for the groom-to-be.  In an age of low-cost airlines and cheap flights to so many different destinations throughout Europe, as well as our affordable stag packages, it’s easier than you think to have an experience of a lifetime abroad. Check out these hot destinations for more cool ideas for your stag party abroad:


Make no mistake; Bucharest is a city on the rise.  Like any great city it may be a little rough around the edges – although we prefer to say it’s got life.  Take a closer look and you’ll find a mish-mash of different cultural eras and architecture, Romania’s best museums, perfectly planned urban parks, and a historic city centre that’s bursting with sophisticated venues, all competing for your attention.  Gorgeous locales, beautiful females, and so many exotic options for day and night activities help make this one of our favorite stag do destinations.  That’s pretty amazing for a city and country that experienced a revolution only 20 years ago.  Bucharest is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets only known to the trend-setting jet-set class - but not for long.  Looking for popular stag do ideas in Bucharest: click here


The twin city of Budapest is one of Europe’s premier destinations for a stag party abroad.  Regarded by those in the know as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Budapest boasts a 1000-year history of architectural styles, riverside promenades, markets, cafes, and its famous thermal baths and spas.  Spanning the Danube River, the hilly old town of Buda offers visitors the visually arresting sight of contemporary Pest where you’ll find chic restaurants and first-class clubs.  And the girls?  Oh, the gorgeous, gorgeous girls…  The free-flowing booze, the fabulous food, the friendly locals and fantastic party culture of this celebrated city combine to give our stag parties an experience they will never forget.  Looking for preferred stag do ideas in Budapest: click here


For fun in the sun, no destination beats the beautiful island of Cyprus.  It’s long been a favored destination for the haut monde and it’s easy to see why.  Situated just south of Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, the island is defined by its pine-scented mountains that run straight down to warm waters and golden beaches.  Simply kick back and relax in the sun, or for those who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, get your fix of adrenaline on one or more of our many adventure activities that show off the spectacular landscape of Cyprus.  For the partygoer, its diverse nightlife ranges from energetic and lively to relaxed and luxurious.  Live the high life as you mix with an international crowd in its world-class clubs and beach bars.  Get a taste of island life on your stag party abroad.  Looking for in-demand stag do ideas in Cyprus then check out Ayia Napa


No other city in Poland can compete with Krakow as a stag party destination.  Look in any direction and you’ll find something pretty, historic, bizarre or appetizing down every street.  If you like vodka you’ve come to the right place.  Try some delectable “Polish tapas” – herring in oil, sour cream or beetroot, washed down with generous measures of that white spirit - to discover the genesis for the Polish phrase “a fish likes to swim”.  This famous city is also jam-packed with a range of attractions and diversions tailor-made for a stag do looking to party hard abroad.  The rollicking nightlife scene of Krakow is legendary, with hundreds of bars, cabarets, music clubs, and restaurants tucked down each and every alleyway of the old town offering you a chance to live it up in style.  Krakow is truly a city that has a lot of everything for every type of stag party.  Looking for favored stag do ideas in Krakow: click here


Prague is a stag party paradise.  It’s as beautiful as any city in Europe, sitting astride the lazy River Vitava.  Its party scene is raucous, offering you an abundance of activities in an atmosphere that combines the old and the new.  And most important of all, its beer is the best and most varied in the world. You’ll be hard-pressed to sample even a fraction of the huge amount of regional Czech beers and ales on offer from a range of famous brand name breweries and new microbreweries.  Not that that should stop you from trying!  It’s an absolute gem of a city made even prettier by its smorgasbord of stunning girls.   Prague is hands-down one of the best places on earth for a stag do.  Looking for trendy stag do ideas in Prague: click here So there you have it.  Five top destinations for a stag party abroad.  So whether you want to take a booze cruise on the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus, get in touch with your inner-Rambo with our AK-47 activity in Krakow, or take our sexy stripper tour through Budapest, the time to be awesome is now. Our expert event organizers are on hand to offer you help in arranging your stag party abroad.  Be sure to check out our competitively priced stag packages or get in touch so we can help you create a custom package that’s sure to make memories that will last a lifetime.