As the best man, one of the most important duties other than setting the dates for the stag party and picking out a destination is to choose who should be going along. It could be a daunting task as you may not know all the grooms family or best mates, and it’s always a good idea to consult with him prior to any of the planning. However, during our time we’ve witnessed a fair bit, and would like to give our expert opinion on the process.

Keep it a close bunch

Do not get carried away and invite just anybody and most definitely not out of pity, or even if it is to accommodate another member of the group. Keeping it between close friends would provide for better understanding between the lads but also more common interests, thus making it a lot easier to pick out the activities for the weekend and avoid any conflicts.

Just guys

Remember that this is a stag do and a few of the activities could be x-rated and demanded by some to stay within the group. Strip Limo’s, Mud Wrestling, Steak and Lesbo show, and a classic stag kidnap are just a few of the activities that you would most certainly won’t want to partake in the presence of any ladies.

Try keeping the attendees close in respect to their age

If you have to invite the older bunch to the stag do fair play, but you can expect a different stag do to that if the average age of the group is lower.

Mix it up on the character

It is near to impossible that all members are too alike. Finding the perfect mix of characters amongst the group would go along way. Everyone loves a joker in the group!   Bonus reading - Who you shouldn't invite

  • Those who tend to create an issue with the overall budget for the weekend or reluctant to pay, disregarding the activities that the rest in the group want to take part in
  • The Divas. Well at least that’s what we call them. There is always a chance you have a know-it-all in your group, who can be hard to satisfy and is bound to pick out an issue with whatever there is you are going to do. The stag do should be centered on the groom and meet his expectations, whilst then trying to accommodate the rest of the group


Posted on: 13 December 2016

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