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What type of activities are you looking for in a Stag Do?

If there is one great thing about your mate getting hitched, it’s the looming excitement of the Stag Party. But if you are in charge of organising said party, then the stress of ensuring a group of strangers have fun together in a foreign country can be quite daunting. To that end, we’ve put together seven tried and tested ideas for different types of stag activities that work well abroad and are guaranteed to result in happy stags all round.

1. Team Building Activities

Often times, you’ll find that not everyone on the stag do know each other. There’ll be a bunch of the lads from uni, a couple of old school mates, the odd cool colleague and perhaps a family member or three. A great way of breaking the ice between the different factions is to work together on a team building activity such as Escape Rooms or paintballing.

2. Adrenalin Fuelled Activities

In charge of organising your best mates stag do? Well – no pressure – but you’re going to be expected to deliver a killer weekend and keep the lads entertained 24/7. One sure way of getting the team pumped is by organising a high-octane, adrenalin-rush-inducing activity like Sky Diving or renting fast speed vehicles like Honda Enduro Bikes or Quads.

3. Cultural Activities

If you are making the effort to go abroad for your stag do then its only polite to take the time to see a little bit of your destination’s culture (and no drinking the local beer and leering at the local women doesn’t count). Opt for a traditional city tour, or if your stag group are more alternative, try a more off the beaten track option such as an underground tour or even a beer bike tour with booze on tap as you cycle.

4. X-Rated Activities

Traditionally the stag do is a celebration of the grooms ‘last night of freedom’ and many a stag party today still want to honour that tradition by calling in the strippers, exotic dancers, naked waitresses and mud wrestlers. Don’t fancy taking the traditional rent-a-stripper route? Try something more niche and exclusive like a Dominatrix Strip Dinner or a Steak and Lesbian Show.

5. Alcohol Infused Activities

Whenever you get a big group of lads together for any kind of celebration, you’re pretty much guaranteed that there will be large amounts of drinking involved. One of the great things about going abroad on your stag do, is the wide variety of local beers, wines and spirits to be tasted. Try local beer in Ayia Napa, Polish Vodka, or even absinthe in Prague.

6. Competitive Activities

Adding a touch of competition into the mix on your stag do abroad can really help up the banter and get the group together. Make a rule that the losers have to buy the victors a drink to ramp the competition up a notch. Fun competitive activities such as go karting are always good for the speed mongers, and for groups who prefer to sit back and watch the competition perhaps a spot of horse racing might be more your style.

7. Relaxing (read Hungover) Activities

Chances are there will come a time on your stag do that you will be so physically exhausted, drained and hung over, that you might need to stop running around like headless chickens and have a rest. If you’re man enough to hit the spa without feeling that your masculinity is being compromised, then a spa day is a good option for the end of the holiday. A fully organised day at the beach is another activity that will help recharge those batteries.

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