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What to Pack for Your Hen Do Abroad: The Essentials

So you’ve been invited on your friend’s hen do abroad to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. Once the excitement of the forthcoming trip calms down, you need to start thinking logistics, planning and packing especially as budget flights to some of Europe’s top hen destinations such as Budapest, Ayia Napa and Krakow only allow limited luggage on board.

Instead of stressing about whether to sacrifice your hair straighteners for a second pair of heels, the knowledgeable team here at Eventhuse has created the ultimate essential packing list for your hen do abroad.

Travel Essentials: If you are travelling abroad for your hen do, you won’t be able to go anywhere without the absolute essentials including your passport or travel ID and foreign currency. Once you and your hen group have arrived in your party destination you will probably need an international plug adapter for your electric bits n’ bobs and whatever you do, don’t forget your phone/camera chargers.

Comfortable Daytime Clothes: While you will undoubtedly spend plenty of time experiencing your hen destination’s vibrant nightlife scene on Pub Crawls and Group Dinners, during the daytime you will want to slip into more comfortable clothes and outfits, especially for groups indulging in more action packed activities such as paintball or Quad Biking. Don’t forget to pack some slouchy tracksuit-type clothes for lazing around the hotel or apartment and keep the weather and the season in mind at all times!

Smart Evening Outfits: When you are heading out for a big hen night out on the town, you’ll want to make a special effort to get glammed up for the occasion. Whatever your own personal style, make sure you pack something for the evenings that makes you feel great. When you exude confidence and feel good about how you look, you are bound to have a night you’ll never forget!

A Special Hen Do Playlist: This one is easy to forget but you’ll be surprised how many hens we’ve seen who wish they had made their own personal hen playlists for the trip. Just imagine you are on a boat cruise or in your party bus, someone whips out the pre-prepared hen do playlist full of all your fave tunes to bop and reminisce over! An easy way to personalise a hen do, a special playlist also doubles up as a great gift for all the girls to remind them of the weekend abroad forever.

Medical Survival/Recovery Kit: Regardless of how crazy and wild your hen group are, someone at some point in the weekend abroad, will need some form of medical attention or hangover survival remedy. Pack a small wash-bag with a couple of essentials such as pain-killers, antiseptic wipes, plasters, safety pins and some vitamins for those groggy hungover mornings.

Flat Shoes: We know, we know – heels are sexy and look great with most outfits but if you are on one of our awesome pub crawls or city tours you are probably going to need a really good comfortable pair of shoes (preferably flat) that you can walk in without being in pain and complaining – no one likes a whiner, especially when she brought it on herself! If you really can’t ditch the heels, try gel inserts instead to keep the feet from aching.

Hen Do Paraphernalia: These days it’s a real hen do trend to bring some special decorations or costumes on your trip abroad to add that extra special personal touch to your weekend. Whether you want to bring silly hats, bride-to-be sashes or something bright and colourful to decorate the hotel room or the restaurant table on that special hen dinner it’s always a nice idea to pack a couple of bits and pieces in advance in case you don’t find what you want in your chosen hen destination.

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