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What are you going to say in the Wedding Guestbook?

So, you’re at your mates wedding, you’re (hopefully) having an awesome time, maybe you’ve already had a champagne or three, and then suddenly someone comes and shoves the guest book under your nose, taunting you with one big, blank page to make your own.
It is usually at that moment that –  despite your best intentions, your natural wit and your close relationship with the bride or groom – your mind goes completely and utterly blank… What the f… are you meant to write!
Stop freaking out. It’s all going to be ok. We’ve compiled a list of points and tips to save you from guestbook writers block, or worse, from writing something you’ll regret later.
Lo and behold, the Eventhuse Wedding Guestbook guide.

Keep it clean
The wedding guest book is not the place for you to crack a dirty joke, make lewd comments or draw childish pictures of body parts or copulating couples. You can save all that for the Stag Book or a private card. This book is a precious memory for the couple of their big day and they’ll probably want to look back on it for years to come.
Don’t tarnish the memory with smut. Trust us. It’s not big and it’s not clever.


Sign your Name
You might be a couple of bevvies in by the time the guest book makes it your way, so make sure when the moment comes, you don’t leave out the most crucial piece of information – AKA your name. There are probably hundreds of messages in the pages of the book, so don’t leave the couple guessing who you are, make your mark, be part of the memory and LEAVE YOUR NAME!


Use a Quote
If you can’t think of something to write yourself, reuse the words of someone else that has a meaning to you or send the message that you are going for. Love songs are always a good option, or perhaps specially selected words from literature, poetry or great speeches.
It’s always good to have a couple of options up your sleeve before you are put on the spot with the book in front of you. Have a repertoire and whip them out whenever they are needed.


Make it Personal
Making your message a bit more personal than the standard “Congratulations” or “Good luck for the future”, will make it stand out and will be hugely appreciated by the bride and groom when they come to read the messages once the madness of the wedding is over.
A nice way to write a personal message is to relive a memory involving the two of them and you, or tell a story that involved you and them.


Alternatively, Something Generic but Nice
If your brain and words are failing you and you can’t for the life of you think of a nice appropriate memory to personalise the message with, just go for an easy, simple generic message – but always remember to keep it nice.
No one wants to read bitter messages about divorce, cheating or couples falling out of love, in their wedding book.
Stick to the “congratulations, we wish you all the happiness in the world, so much love of your special day” kind of messages and you may not stand out from the crown but at least you can get back to your drink and enjoying the rest of the night.


Offer some Advice
This one is a bit tricky as you don’t want to come off as patronising, but if you do have some sincere and genuine advice to offer to the newlyweds, don’t be afraid to give it. Just always remember the golden rules – keep it clean and keep it nice.


Keep these tips in mind and there’s no way you’ll make a botched job of the wedding book. You never know, people might even start flipping back the pages and using you as inspiration!

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