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What are the Pros and Cons of organising a Sten Party?

So, first things first: What on Earth is a Sten party?
Also known as a Hag party, the recent advent of the Sten do, heralds a growing popularity for brides- and grooms-to-be to merge their last nights of freedom, turning the traditional Stag or Hen into one big joint shin-dig for friends, family and loved ones to all celebrate and enjoy together.
Rihanna and Chris Brown did it, but despite the growing trend, is the Sten do the things for you? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

Pro: Spend This Special Celebration Together
If you’re the kind of couple that do everything together, have the same group of friends, and share mutual interests and hobbies, this could be the perfect solution for you.

Con: Finding Mutually Pleasing Activities
Gender stereotypes aside, finding a group of women who want to go and shoot a round of AK47s, or a group of guys who would be comfortable doing a pole dancing lesson, might be a little tricky. On the plus side there are plenty of fun unisex activities that are more fun in a big group – try boys vs girls paintballing or a team Go Carting tournament.

Pro: Eligible Bachelors meet eligible bachelorettes
It’s always great to have bonding time with your closest girl friends of your top lads but at the end of the day, a little bit of attention from the opposite sex is always welcome, especially when alcohol and party games are involved. Joining the stag and the hen groups means adding the spice of sexual tension – you never know you might end up playing cupid and setting up the next future wedding-to –be.

Con: No Last Night of Freedom
The tradition of the stag and hen do is to celebrate your last night of freedom; if you’re celebrating together, the whole freedom thing kind of goes out the window. You can’t get away with devious behaviour, copious drinking and flirtation if your other half is in the room, watching your every move.

Pro: Save on Budget
Stag and Hen parties can be a real drain on the wedding budget so here’s a thought, join the budgets together and throw one big, wild party. The money will go a lot further if you are only booking one venue and some activities offer discounts for larger groups.

Con: Forget the Strippers
Chances are, the ladies are not going to want to hit the lap dance clubs and the men won’t be too pleased about watching a Chippendales show, and you can forget about hiring strippers. However fret not – there are plenty of fun alternative nocturnal activities such as dinner parties, escape rooms, clubbing or bar crawls.

Pro: No Trust Worries
Let’s face it, your other half heads of into the sunset for a weekend of alcohol fuelled debauchery and hedonism, you’re bound to feel worried. With the advent of the Sten Do, the old saying “What happens on the stag/hen night stays on the stag/hen night” got thrown out the window. If you are partying together you won’t need to worry about cheating or overzealous strippers.

Con: No Bromance Bonding or Girly Girl Time
Hen and Stag dos are always a great opportunity to catch up with the girl talk and tend to your bromance. Add the opposite sex into the picture and suddenly divulging all your deepest desires, gossiping about your secret crushes and having uncensored DMC’s doesn’t seem as inviting.

Pro: Invite Your Male/Female Friends
Limiting yourself to traditional hen and stag nights means the bride-to-be will only be allowed to bring her girlfriends and the groom-to-be can only invite his male mates. If you’ve got lots of friends of the opposite sex then having a joint party means you’ll be able to invite all your friends without limitations.

Pro: Nurse Each Other’s Hang Overs
After a heavy session of drinking and partying, you are both bound to feel pretty ropey the next day and what better way to heal the dreaded hangover than to look after each other and enjoy some relaxing and revitalising activity like a joint spa day.

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