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The Ultimate Hangover Cures

Stag and Hen dos can be the most fun in the world, with drinking acting as a pre-requisite for almost every activity involved from boat trips, to pole dancing classes and paint ball to go-karting, all involving some kind of alcohol before, during or after (we don’t recommend navigating your way around the go-kart course intoxicated!)
And with all forms of excess, the inevitable side effects are bound to be felt the next days, so why not try and eliminate your hangovers, with our list of ultimate morning after cures.

  • Water, Water, Water: This cure can also act as a prevention to the hang over altogether and works like a charm every time. As alcohol is known to dehydrate the body, try and remember to have a large glass of water after every couple of drinks on your night out.
    Follow up with a couple of big glasses of water again before you pass out in bed, and then again hydrate your body with a big glass of water as soon as you wake up. You might need to get up and use the bathroom during the night, but it’s worth it, trust us!
  • Get A Caffeine Fix: Coffee is a tricky one because it can make the headache worse, but if you are someone who relies on a cup of strong coffee in the morning, sticking to your routine and nursing your hangover with a coffee can help you feel more alive after a big night out.
  • Pop a Painkiller: Make sure you pack a good selection of pain killers or Alka-Seltzer’s in your luggage before you head of on your weekend away. Chances are someone else forgot to bring them and there will be a morning when they’ll come in handy.
    If you wake up with your head feeling like the practice room for a heavy metal band, your mouth dry as the Sahara Desert and your stomach a bit wobbly, have a piece of toast and a coffee and then pop a couple of Panadol to soothe that pain.
  • Have a Banana: You might crave something healthy like a fresh orange juice when you wake up hungover – but don’t be fooled. Orange juice is extremely high in acid and will only make you feel worse. Instead go for something that’s a bit more gentle on the stomach and will refuel your body with all the potassium it lost in the drinking session – and what could possibly do that we hear you ask? Well – a banana! Bananas also provide the body with the much needed electrolytes lost while you were downing that third tequila shot.
  • Guzzle a Sports Drink: Ever wondered why you pee so much more often when you are drinking booze? It’s because alcohol acts as a diuretic meaning your body is constantly losing fluid and electrolytes.
    Replace those bad boys quickly and efficiently by guzzling back a sports drink like Lucozade or Gatorade.
  • Much on a Massive Fry Up Breakfast or Brunch: This one isn’t for everyone, and if you feel like you can’t stomach any food, it might be best to go for some of the other steps first.
    Your body will need some sustenance though and something to soak up all that alcohol, so head out for a group breakfast or brunch and getting your body some energy.
  • Get Some Exercise: Ok, Ok, we know that getting up and going for a run is the last thing on your mind when you wake up with your head in the shed, but by getting your sweat on and doing some exercise, you will not only get a boost of endorphins to the brain making you feel better, you will also burn calories and get rid of all those toxins from the booze.
  • More Booze: Having a hair of the dog drink the next day will make you feel better in the short term, but is only prolonging the inevitable hangover. Its perhaps not the most sensible way of numbing the pain, but who opts for sensible on a stag or hen do anyway!

Here at Eventhuse, we do offer a wide range of activities which incorporate drinking, however we would advise to booze responsibly while on your stag or hen do abroad.

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