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Traditional European Shots, Hens and Stags have GOT to Try


Each and every stag or hen do is unique and different according to the group. But if there is one thing almost all stag and hen dos have in common, its booze. We know you are going to end up drinking shots on your big stag or hen night out, so why not make it a traditional shot, exclusive to the destination you have chosen to travel to?


Here to help you chose your tipple of choice, Eventhuse give you the low down on traditional shots in some of our favourite stag and hen do destinations in Europe.


Cyprus – Zivania
The typical alcohol content is 45%

When in Cyprus, you simply have to try the local spirit in shot form. Warning: this stuff is strong so go easy on it if you’re a light weight; Cypriots guzzle this potent liquid with their dinner to help digestion, but if you’re not used to it, you might need to take it slow. Made from a mixture of grape pomace and local dry wines, zivania is a clear liquid that pretty much just tastes like alcohol. Great to get a hen or stag party really started.


Serbia – Rakija
The typical alcohol content is between 40-65%

The Serbs sure love to drink and when it comes to knocking it back – the best stuff around is Rakija. Serbia’s national drink is enjoyed at any and all times of the day including first thing in the morning. Think you’ve got what it takes to drink Rakjia like a Serb – come and find out on your stag do in Belgrade.


Hungary – Pálinka
The typical alcohol content is 37.5%

According to the Hungarians, Pálinka should be sipped not downed in one, but we think that on your stag or hen do in Budapest, you can break the rules and just neck it! This fruit brandy is the most famous spirit in Hungary and is traditionally made from apricot, pear, plum, and cherry – all of which are grown locally. At home in Hungary, Pálinka is also used medicinally, for digestion and (surprise, surprise) to cure a hangover – perfect for stag and hen groups feeling a bit dodgy the morning after!


Latvia – Riga Black Balsam
The typical alcohol content is 45%

Burn-the-back-of-your-throat strong, Riga Black Balsam is an herbal concoction which can be downed as a shot or sipped, although it does taste a bit like cough syrup. Plus, supposedly its healthy, so knock it back during your stag and hen do in Riga – it’s for your own good.


Romania – Țuică
The typical alcohol content is 40-55%

Țuică is a famous traditional Romanian spirit made from fermented and distilled plums and contains between 24-65% pure alcohol. The spirit is usually drunk in Romania before a meal to help digest the meat, but is also drunk when a toast is being made, and would definitely make a great authentic addition to your stag or hen night drinks menu while on your weekend abroad in Bucharest.


Poland – Śliwowica
The typical alcohol content is between 70-80%

Śliwowica is a Polish bootleg Vodka made of plum and contains some 70-plus percent of alcohol. Currently taking the booze scene by storm, Śliwowica comes in a wide variety of flavours and can be found in almost every bar. Another popular shot to try on your stag or hen do in Krakow is Wściekły Pies which literally translates as rabid dog and is made of vodka, cherry syrup and a few drops of tabasco.


Czech Republic – Absinthe
The typical alcohol content is between 45-74%

This one needs no real introduction. Just know that this is probably one of the strongest alcoholic beverages in the world and has been banned in numerous destinations around the world – how much more tempting does that make it sound!! Heading to Prague for your stag or hen do? Now is your chance to test your tolerance!


Eventhuse also offer a wide variety of alcohol tasting activities as well as brewery tours; and for those stag and hen groups looking for something less boozy, we also provide a huge collection of outdoor adventures, sports, cultural activities and foodie pursuits. Head on in and check us out!



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