Budapest has a seductively hip edge to it that is not always visible from the offset. This air of mystery and intrigue will become progressively clearer as you and the lads wonder the cities grand streets, majestic squares and atmospheric back streets. And with this much character and personality, its little wonder that Budapest has an emerging reputation as one of Europe’s leading hot spots for alternative nightlife, with a cool underground scene fuelled by creative locals with a taste for the quirky and the different. Popular amongst groups in the know, Budapest is the perfect destination for a weekend away to remember. And having been working on the ground in Budapest since we started operations over seven years ago, we like to think of ourselves as destination experts when it comes to activity trips in Budapest. So to share the love, here are our top things you need to do and see while on your weekend travels in the Hungarian capital. Do Summer – Trabant Trek: The Trabant is an icon of Hungary and Eastern Europe and makes for the perfect vehicle for lads on tour looking for an authentic taste of Budapest’s history as they see the sights. For those groups interested in a more open-air tour of the city during the warmer months, Eventhuse also offers an awesome beer bike experience, which pretty much does what it says on the tin! You’ll bike around the city on an 8 to 14 man bicycle, guzzling the golden nectar from your own personal beer tap! Do Winter – Thermal Baths: Budapest has a collection of amazing thermal baths that groups can visit for a swim and a soak. It might not sound like the most exciting way to spend half a day, but the relaxing thermal waters have epic relaxation properties and also help to soothe pains, aches and stiff muscles, making them the perfect way to get over that hangover and man up for the rest of the adventures! See – Fisherman’s Bastion: Located at the top of the Pest hillside, overlooking the city below, the Fisherman’s Bastion is well worth a visit while you are in Budapest. The architecture itself is pretty spectacular, with neo-Gothic influences and Disney-esque spires and turrets! Pest is also a super cool area to explore, so take in some sights along the way, or head here for sun down and enjoy the best view of the impressive parliament building across the river with a couple of cold brewskies. Drink – Unicum: Before you all start sniggering behind your hands at the name, Unicum is actually one of Hungary’s national drinks and packs a real punch. Created using the same secret recipe of herbs and spices that is has followed since 1790, Unicum has a distinctly bitter taste and has been lauded for its medicinal and digestive qualities. It can be enjoyed in numerous ways; downed as shots on a night out in Budapest, as part of the challenge on an Eventhuse pub crawl or sipped on ice after a long day exploring the city. Plus – the name lads! You can’t not try it. Eat – Goulash (gulyás): Standing somewhere between soup and stew, Goulash is one of the most iconic national dishes on Hungary’s rich culinary menu. Traditionally cooked in a kettle over an open fire by the herdsmen who gave the dish its name, Goulash is made using meat, vegetables, carrot, potato, spices and generous servings of the traditional local paprika. Its about as hearty a meal as they come, making it perfect for a hungry group exploring Budapest, or to line the stomach before a big lad’s night out. Eventhuse organises an epic Hungarian dinner for groups looking for a taste of this finger-licking treat. Party – Ruin Bars: Budapest’s ruin bars are the stuff of legends and experiencing their unique, quirky and alternative characters is a must for any group looking to get an authentic taste of local nightlife in the Hungarian capital. But what the ‘f’ are they? Well, picture an old derelict and abandoned building, then imagine it brought back to life with a bit of creative imagination, plenty of upcycled furniture and deco, then add the energy of the hordes of party goes and night owls who frequent these dens of inequity on a nightly basis; and there you have it, a ruin bar! Eventhuse can take you and the lads on a special bar crawl, calling in to some of the best bars and pubs in town.   We love all the destinations that we do business in, but secretly, Budapest is one of our favourites! As local experts in the city, we’re on top of anything a group could possibly need or want to guarantee an epic time. To find out more, head into our dedicated Budapest page and peruse you’re many options.