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Top Stag Destinations Rated by Local Beers

Drinking beer is almost a pre-requisite for any stag do nowadays and seeing as Eventhuse just so happen to offer stag packages in some of Europe’s best beer destination, we’ve decided to put together this comprehensive beer guide to help you decide where to go for your upcoming stag do.


1. Prague Czech Flag

The Beer: Pilsner Urquell

The Spiel: Although Prague has recently become famous for its trendy artisan beer, the most popular and well-known beer in the capital is the Czech classic, Pilsner Urquell. Brewed by Plzensky Prazdroj in the Czech town of Pilsen in western Bohemia, the world-renowned golden lager was the first and original blond pils beer, and today its special taste and recipe have become the inspiration for over two-thirds of beers produced today. With that kind of a rep this beer must be good and with some of Europe’s best prices per pint, it’s a win win situation for any beer loving stag trip to Prague.

The Damage: 35CZK/ €1.30/ £1


2. Budapest

The Beer: Borsodi

The Spiel: Hungary is not particularly well known for its beers but craft brew aficionados will be pleased to learn that the artisan homebrew scene is flourishing today with lots of interesting tastes to explore. The most popular local brew is Borsodi lager, a crisp, light bodied drink with a pale golden colour, this beer is a great thirst quencher on a hot day and makes a great option for stag dos in Budapest on a tight budget. Dreher and Soproni are two well-known alternatives to the Borsod brewed variety.

The Damage: 341HUF/ €1.10/ £0.85


3. Belgrade Serbian flag

The Beer: Jelen Pivo

The Spiel: With its easily distinguished stag head logo, Jelen Pivo is the natural choice for any stag group in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. Brewed in an area of the country that is well known for having the best barley in the region, Jelen is a pale golden larger with a sweet, lightly malty aroma and a smooth slightly bitter taste. If you don’t like bland beers, the other top option in Belgrade is Lav beer which is another refreshing and popular golden lager.

The Damage: 160RSD/ €1.30/ £1

4. Bucharest Romanian Flag

The Beer: Ursus

The Spiel: Apparently an impressive one in every three Romanian’s choose Ursus as their go to beer of choice, which, given that the country has an excellent beer portfolio, is a pretty good sign that this brewery and its plethora of different beers, is doing something right. Although Ursus Premium is generally considered to be a good ‘bad’ beer, the refreshing yet somewhat bland golden lager has a family of darker, stronger and more flavoursome brothers which are easy to get your hands on in many bars around Bucharest. Stag groups on a pub crawl in the capital should keep an eye out for Ursus Black – considered one of the best beers in the country.

The Damage: 7.50RON/ €1.70/ £1.30

5. Dublin irish Flag

The Beer: Guinness

The Spiel: Stag groups travelling to Dublin for their beer drinking extravaganza cannot leave the Emerald Isle without enjoying a deliciously satisfying pint of the black stuff. The famous dry stout has been around since 1759 and enjoys a well-deserved status as one of the most successful beer brands in the world. This beautifully rich, heavy, dark brown brew is full of aroma and flavour with coppery, creamy, caramel undertones and a surprisingly refreshing, if somewhat filling – effect. The only drawback is that Dublin is one of Europe’s most expensive destinations for a pint, although a Guinness poured from the source in Dublin is like nothing else on earth!

The Damage: £4.70/€5.90


 6. Ayia Napa Cyprus Flag

The Beer: Keo

The Spiel: The first local beer to be brewed in Cyprus, Keo’s main contender on the popular larger scene is Carlsberg which simply doesn’t taste as good on a scorching summer’s day. The beer is a light straw-colored lager with a thick head, and true to its Mediterranean roots, it offers a slightly citrusy taste like the bitter lemons that grow all over the island. Winner or a Gold Medal for best bottled lager in 1987, the beer has progressed in leaps and bounds with a new female CEO at the helm who has helped hone the recipe with new ingredients and a new more sophisticated flavour. This is an excellent, light and refreshing choice for stag groups living it up in Ayia Napa.

The Damage: £2.20/€2.90

7. Berlin German Flag

The Beer: Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

The Spiel: Seeing as Germany is home to the wonderful Weissbier or Wheat beer as it is called in English, we’ve decided to dedicate the Berlin section of this stag do beer guide to one of the countries very best brews in this category. The Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier is the king of wheat beers and is perfectly paired with spicy cheese and Bavarian sausage, making it a perfect lunch or dinner tipple on your stag do in Berlin. The refreshing brew is naturally cloudy and has a typically aromatic yeasty flavour and smell, with hints of clove and interestingly – banana!.

The Damage: £2.50/€3.20

8. Krakow polish Flag

The Beer: Tyskie

The Spiel: Popular amongst locals for its delicate hop aroma, golden colour and thick, white head, Tyskie Gronie is one of the best-selling drinks in Poland. This light euro-larger, has a slightly bitter taste and drinks like a premium beer. Famous across Europe because of its ready availability in capital cities where Poles have immigrated in droves, the beer was the most bought and sold brew of 2012 and on your stag do in Krakow you’ll see why. You’ll also have plenty of opportunity to taste this sturdy and satiating larger as Krakow has more bars per capita than any other city in the world!

The Damage: 8.50PLN/£1.50/€1.90

9. Tallin Estonian Flag

The Beer: Saku Originaal

The Spiel: A high quality pils beer, Saku Originaal has gained popularity in Estonia since it was first brought out by the countries lead brewery Saku Brewery in 1993. Its position as Estonia’s most popular beer is all down to its pleasant aroma, its mild yet yeasty taste and its overall refreshing lightness. You can guzzle down loads of these bad boys on your stag do in Tallin, and you won’t feel a thing! A pale Euro larger with a well carbonated feel, Saku Originaal has a number of brothers and sisters in the Saku Brewery that are also worth trying including the Saku Hele, Saku Tume, Saku Pilsner and Saku Porter.

The Damage: £1.90/€2.40

10. Barcelona Spanish Flag

The Beer: Estrella Damm

The Spiel: This flavoursome little pilsner beer has been brewed right there in the heart of Barcelona since 1876, so on your stag do in the city you’ll be drinking the most local brew you can find with Estrella Damm. Aptly named after the Catalan word for star, this gem of a larger has a very characteristic taste with a strong flavour of creamy hops and a bitter yet refreshing aftertaste.

The Damage: £3.40/€4.40

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