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Stag do pranks ideas: Top pranks to play on a stag do

We at Eventhuse believe a stag party and prank go together like a gin and tonic, rum and coke and a whiskey and soda (it’s been a long day). If you’re looking for inspiration check out our favourite funny, daring, or just downright wicked stag do pranks below.

Funny Stag Do Pranks

1. The Wake Up Call

Best employed the morning after a night of debauchery. The stag will be sleeping it off but he’s got to wake up some time – so why not use an air horn? You can always make it up to him with a visit from one of our ‘cleaning ladies’.

Pro –  The look on his face
Con –  His fist, foot or any flying object moving at high speeds towards your face.  Also, not a good prank for those with hearing or cardiac problems

2. Handcuffs

Can be employed in a variety of ways including but not limited to:

  1. Handcuffing the stag to a fence.
  2. ….to the pub counter.
  3. ….to a little person (hired specifically for the occasion – don’t just do this on a whim as that’s called kidnapping).
  4. ….to a male stripper.

Pro – Cheap and easy prank that requires no planning.
Con – Do NOT lose the key.

3. The Spud

Named after the character in Trainspotting (know where this is heading?), get the groom good and drunk, let him pass out and then push a chocolate bar between his butt cheeks so it can melt overnight.

 Pro – Juvenile humour, no planning needed, cheap.  What’s not to love?
Con – Oh yeah, somebody as to put the candy bar there.

4. Third-class Travel

This one’s specific to our Budapest destination but the principle could be applied elsewhere.  While you and your mates take a fancy limo ride to the hotel, bar or club the stag turns up in an exhaust-spewing, backfiring beater of a car.

 Pro – Let Eventhuse handle the planning of this prank.
Con – Helps destroy the environment.

5. Roly-Poly

Almost every stag expects a sexy strip-show by a slim hottie to round off the stag weekend, so play on his expectations by building it up and building it up only to surprise him with huge, plus-sized stripper.

 Pro – Big is beautiful.
Con – The sight of all that flesh will live long in the memory.


Dwarf Handcuff



Daring Stag Do Pranks

1. Busking

Armed with only the singing voice that he was born with, make him busk for money to buy his first pint. If one of the stag’s mates plays the guitar you could always take pity and accompany him.

Pro – Funny, cheap and easy dare.
Con – He might not know the words so print off the lyrics to songs that everybody knows.  Most Oasis songs are easy to sing, induce laughter, and everyone knows them.

2. Flirting with Miss Daisy

Chat up a granny and get a kiss.

 Pro – Absolutely hilarious.
Con – Getting turned down by an 80 year old can severely dent a man’s confidence.

3. Target Practice

Dress the stag up in an easily visible outfit, preferably as some kind of small woodland creature, when you go paintballing. Hunt him down.

 Pro – A good laugh for the whole group, plus the stag gets a lot of exercise.
Con – Bruises.  Big ones.  Lots of them.

Wicked Stag Do Pranks

1. Kidnap

All of our East Europe destinations offer the kidnapping prank. Uniformed ‘policemen’ make a fuss over passports or some other trumped up charge leading to the arrest and interrogation of the stag. That’s the bad cop treatment. The good cop treatment consists of a few shots of alcohol and a lap-dance to make up for the inconvenience.

Pro – We handle the details.
Con – The rest of the stag party better be good actors or the prank might come off a bit flat. Try arranging a double-bluff – the two ‘policemen’ get stopped by some real police (pre-arranged actors) who arrest the first policemen for impersonating officers and then arrest the stag for something else – public drunkenness seems believable.

2. Shaved

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Shave off one of the stag’s eyebrows while he’s sleeping off the effects of the party.

 Pro – He looks stupid.
Con – Don’t do this a few days before the wedding – give it a few months to grow back.


Stag Kidnap


Scars, injury or any permanent marks on the person of the stag will not be appreciated as funny by the bride-to-be. Remember that you are responsible for the well-being of the stag so if things go bad – and we’ve heard horror stories of stag pranks going bad, like the muppet that set fire to the stag’s head during a flight – you will face consequences. Prank responsibly, people. 

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