You already know you are going to have an epic stag do, but just in case the energy needs a boost and you’re looking for an ice-breaker, or you want a change from the typical pub banter, we’ve put together a list of five great stag do games to help keep the good times rolling. So, in no particular order, here you have it, our definitive selection of great games to play on your upcoming stag do.   1. Never Have I Ever We’ve all played this at some point in our lives, whether it was a drunken night at university or that regretful evening that your other half found out too much! Regardless of how many times its been played, Never Have I Ever simply never, ever gets old. The rules - You know the drill; one person tells the rest of the group something that they have never done, starting their revelation with: “Never have I ever…”. Anyone who has done the aforementioned revelation has to take a shot of their drinks. Get down and dirty with your questions and make sure to embarrass the stag with some easy reveal questions about his pre-marriage past!   2. Stag Scavenger Hunt If you’ve got the time, imagination and creativity, you can turn your whole stag weekend abroad into an epic scavenger hunt, complete with pub crawls, shots, strippers, limos, rewards, prizes and any other debauched activities or hilarious pranks you can come up with. The rules - One of you will have to be the hunt supervisor, which means you’ll have to come up with the clues and devise the itinerary for the hunt. Whoever is in charge can dish out the first clue and the rest of the group take it from there. Expert tip: Make people wear silly costumes for an added touch of humiliation and hilarity.   3. The Dice Master This one is beautifully simple but does take a tiny bit of pre-planning. The rules - Before the stag do, the best man or most organised participant will need to make up a nice long list of dares, challenges and forfeits. Get as filthy, crazy or embarrassing as you want and don’t forget to pack a dice in your suitcase. Once you are all on the actual stag weekend, each member of the group gets assigned a number. While out and about in your chosen stag destination, keep the dice handy and every so often give it a roll, whichever number it lands on, the equivalent team member has to do the next forfeit on the list!   4. Champions of the stag The rules - Start off the stag do by crowning your stag the ‘champion’ of the weekend. Now, the aim of the game is for the rest of the crew to try and de-throne the reigning champ by challenging them to various games and competitions. This could vary from a race to down your pint, to who can get a girl’s phone number the quickest. Whoever wins each challenge takes over the throne and becomes the next champion. Challenges can take place at any point on the weekend and the man who holds the title at the end of the weekend wins a prize.   5. International Drinking Rules We all love a bit of drinking, and this game is as easy as it gets even for the intoxicated The rules - The international drinking rules are as following. A) no one is allowed to say the word DRINK. B) you cannot point at anyone with your hand. C) never drink with the hand you write with. D) no swearing at any point. E) you can’t call anyone by their first name – nicknames and last names only. Now employ all these rules on your big stag night out and make sure there’s an alcohol related forfeit for anyone who break them, and you’ve got the recipe for an extremely drunk group of lads!   Now that you’ve got your stag games sorted, have you thought about the rest of the logistics involved? If you’re thinking about activities, accommodation, transfers and epic nights out, we’ve got your back – head on into our stag page to find out more.