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Top Dance Class Activities for your Hen Do

Hen dos are all about getting your favourite group of girls together and having a laugh, enjoying each other’s company as you celebrate, let your hair down, learn something new and generally have an epic girly experience.
One activity which we think combines all the essential hen do elements is taking a dance class. You’ll get some serious bonding time in, as you all trip over your feet, giggling as you learn your moves. And what better way to come away from the event with some newly learnt skills you can impress with when you return home.

So without further ado – here are Eventhuse’s favourite dance class activities for a hen do to remember.


Whether you are planning a future trip to South America, or you just fancy yourself a bit of a mover and a shaker, Salsa is one of the most popular dance styles all over the world. That means that a lesson in the seductive art of salsa, is probably going to come in handy later on in life. And if you don’t think you’ll ever actually salsa again, this dance lesson will still offer the much-sought-after ‘hentertainment’ that you want for all the participants.
They’ll love it, social media will love the photos of it, and you’ll all be ready for a nice big glass of wine once you’re done!


Its easily one of the most sultry and seductive of all the dance styles out there, so indulging the group in a cheeky Burlesque class while on your hen do abroad, is a great way to let the ladies explore and experiment with how they express themselves physically.
You’ll all have to really tune in to your inner femme fatale, and the best thing is, you get to dress the part. Think Liza Minelli in Cabaret, with fishnet stockings, bodysuits, high heels and top hats!

Burlesque Dancing Krakow


Pole Dancing

The much misunderstood art of pole dancing is definitely sexy, but beyond that its extremely difficult and athletic. Dancers need immense amounts of core strength and stamina to get up on the pole, let alone twizzle around on it. But don’t worry, a pole dancing class on your hen do won’t be too physically demanding.
We’re not expecting you to have the moves of a pro after your first attempt! But you will learn some cool stuff, get a wicked workout in there while you’re at it, have a guaranteed laugh as you try to spin, twirl and turn around the pole, and last but not least spend time together.


If you are a loud bunch who like stomping your feet and being dramatic, Flamenco is the dance class for you on your hen do. While the intricacies, meanings and emotions behind this Spanish dance style are rich, deep and can take a lifetime to learn, the main moves are all relatively simple with lots of hand and skirt twirling and thwacking your heels down on the ground for effect.
You’ll get to dress up in some gorgeous flamenco costumes, paint your lips bright red, slick your hair back in a traditional Spanish up-do and don those heels for a class that will keep you on your toes and have you shouting “ole” in no time.

Every girl loves a good dance and whether you’re planning on heading out for a serious clubbing session during your hen do, or your more of a quiet dinner and drinks group, getting your feet moving at a dance class is an amazing, fun and unique way to spend quality time with your girls.


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