Just as you want your stag do to go down in history as the most epic holiday of your lives, you also want the proposal to be one to remember. Don’t forget, people are going to be asking you both how you proposed for the rest of time so make sure you have a great story to tell the grand-children. Feeling the pressure? Don’t worry, Eventhuse have put together seven of the top ways to propose to keep things fun, memorable and unique.

1. Treasure Hunt Proposal

Create a bunch of clues that will lead your fiancé-to-be on a wild treasure hunt around your house, your neighbourhood or even your town; and ends with the proposal. To make it extra special and personal, you can have all the clues leading to places that are special to you like the place you went for your first date or shared your first kiss.

2. Destination Getaway Proposal

Arrange a romantic getaway for just the two of you and propose while you are away. If you are both busy plan a weekend away somewhere special but if you have more time, head off for a longer holiday so you can celebrate the proposal while you are away. Staying in a nice hotel? You can get the staff to fill your room with rose petals and candles to add to the atmosphere.

3. Video Wedding Proposal

If you happen to be a bit of a tech-whizz or just know your way around a camera, a fun creative way to propose would be to make a video for you and your fiancé-to-be to watch together. The video could take any number of different formats that can let your personal creativity shine through. Maybe back it up with some of your favourite songs for extra atmosphere.

4. Flash Mob Wedding Proposal

These proposals have become very popular recently so you are bound to find a dance troupe willing to help, or alternatively just employ the help of some close friends and family. You’ll have to all put in some time for rehearsals to make sure the dance is perfect on the day, and you can make it as elaborate as you like – think costumes, props and even a will you marry me sign!

5. Public Sign Proposal

All you need to pull of this proposal is a sign saying Will You Marry Me, and a great place to put it or great people to hold it. Once the sign is in place, make sure your fiancé-to-be walks, drives, sails, runs or cycles past it and sees it. A couple of fun options for this proposal could be on a motorway bridge, graffiti-ed on a wall or written on a pavement.

6. Little Helper Proposal

If you and your fiancé-to-be have a pet or a baby, employ these little helpers to keep the proposal in the family. You could attach the ring and a little message onto your dog or your cats collar and get them to go and present it to the lady in question, or if there is a baby in the picture, make them a secret t-shirt that says “Will you marry my Daddy” – who could say no to that!

7. Restaurant Proposal

This is a timeless classic proposal idea which has lasted. Restaurants are popular because they are romantic and if you go to one of your favourite places it will be even more personal. Get the waiters to hide the ring in her dessert or have it attached to her champagne glass to make it that bit more fun and unusual.     *photo taken from cdn.howheasked.com