The capital city of Lithuania is a perfect mix of historical charm and vibrant contemporary modernisation. Travellers and stag groups will find stunning Baroque architecture rubbing shoulders with hip bars and cafes. Quaint cobbled alleyways lined with traditional old houses adorned with colourful modern street art. And fascinatingly neglected areas, where creative young locals are breathing new life into abandoned spaces. Welcome to Vilnius. For group’s planning a trip to Vilnius, there is so much to see and do. Here, Eventhuse have listed our top seven activities both for the daytime, and when the sun sets and the party really starts.

Take in the views from above

Vilnius has often been called the ‘city of spires’. And the best place to take in the capital’s red-tiled roofs and multitude of elegant pinnacles, is from above. Stag groups looking for a good vantage point can jump on the funicular to Gediminas’ Tower. Or for a nocturnal take on the view, head to the rooftop Skybar. For the best panorama of the whole city, take the steep hike up to the Hill of the Three Crosses. Trust us, it’s worth the walk!

Visit the autonomous Republic of Užupis

Yes, the capital city of Vilnius hosts its very own independent rebel republic, founded on April Fool’s Day in 1997 by a collective of artists, musicians and creatives. Today the republic comes complete with its own anthem, flag, constitution and currency, and has kept up its reputation as the bohemian, artsy quarter. Of course, all of this makes Užupis a great quirky neighbourhood for curious stag groups to explore. As well as a top place for a night out, with loads of cool little artsy bars and cafes.

Sample the delectable craft beers

Vilnius is known as one of the cheapest places in Europe to get a beer. It might even be at the top of the list. This on its own is music to a thirsty group’s ears but then when you add the fact that this city is a veritable craft beer haven, you have any beer fans ideal day or night out! There are plenty of amazing little home breweries around town. Groups can book a tour or a tasting to make the most of a great thing!

Spot some iconic street art


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I bet you’ve all seen or heard of the famous graffiti mural of Trump and Putin locking lips. But how many of you knew that the iconic artwork can be found in Vilnius? And this piece is not alone. In fact, the city is a veritable canvas of creativity. See how much street art you can spot as you stroll around exploring the city on your stag do in Vilnius. And don’t forget to check all the hidden pieces in alleys and unexpected places – Užupis is a good place to start.

Taste the local delicacies

Foodies are in for a real treat in Vilnius, with a wide variety of yummy treats to taste while on your stag weekend in town. And the local cuisine is the perfect stag recipe of carbs, deep fried potatoes and lots of meat. Two absolute must-try dishes are cepelinai dumplings with grated potato, mince and sour cream, and kibinai pastries filled with meat and onion.

Tour the fascinating museums

Palace of Grand Dukes

Palace of Grand Dukes - Credit:

A rich and fascinating history make Vilnius’ museums not-to-be-missed. Some of the most interesting in town include the Museum of Genocide Victims. This former gymnasium became the Gestapo’s HQ during the Nazi occupation and was then used as a prison by the KGB. The cells have been left as they were during that time. A disturbing reminder of a dark history. The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania is another interesting museum depicting the country’s history. And the Lithuanian Art Museum is the best place in the world to see Lithuanian art.

Hit the bars for a night out in town

No weekend away in Vilnius would be complete without a night out on the town. It’s so cheap you could even afford to go out every night. And the huge variety of cool bars and clubs would make it well worth your while. The Old Town is a great place to find quirky bars and pubs. And many places offer pub grub and you’ll find plenty of late-night haunts with live music and top-class DJs.   Vilnius is an unexpected surprise. Rich with culture, nightlife and attractions, the city is a top stag spot for a cheap weekend – with a twist of history and heritage. Eventhuse can help you arrange an epic weekend in Vilnius. Head into our dedicated page to find out more!

Posted on: 8 February 2019

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