With the summer season upon us, many loved up couples are taking the opportunity to jump on a plane and go for a romantic trip away. And what could be more romantic. You’re relaxed, the food is good, everything is new and you are together without any distractions. So why not take the plunge and use this as the perfect opportunity to pop that question that’s been on your mind all this time. Thinking about the future? Here are our top five recommendations for a perfect proposal abroad.


Here at Eventhuse we just LOVE Thailand. The exotic destination makes a perfect place for a proposal for a couple who like their adventure and activity mixed in with a healthy dose of relaxation in the most paradise-like spot you’ve ever seen. And don’t forget the delicious food, amazingly friendly locals and the budget friendly prices. Whether you are more of a ‘down on one knee on a white sand beach at sunset’ kind of a guy or ‘pop the question on the back of an elephant’ type of dude, you’ll find the perfect spot for a unique and romantic proposal in Thailand. Thailand Skyline


The European capital of bohemian culture, Prague makes a stunning backdrop for a romantic urban proposal. And the real beauty of the Czech capital, is that whatever the weather, come Winter, Spring or Summer, this gem of a city is always and undoubtedly as beautiful as ever. Couples who like to indulge in foodie persuits or nightlife entertainment will also be charmed by the huge variety of options available in Prague. Just don’t forget your cameras – Prague is the most photogenic city on Earth and the perfect place to capture the moment she says “Yes!” forever.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean needs no introduction – the destinations unmatched allure and incredible beauty is already world-famous, making it a hot spot for both proposals, and honeymoons. The Caribbean is made up of 13 sovereign states that include diversely unique destinations such as St. Lucia, Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobego, St. Kitts, Martinique, Puerto Rico and Dominique. Each destination offers a wide range of activities, cultures, scenery and dining options that simply can’t be equally anywhere else on the planet. And with what can easily be described as some of the most stunning landscapes around, The Caribbean is undoubtedly a class place to propose. Caribbean


Ah Paris! The city of love, the land of romance, the birthplace of the French kiss and the scene of countless love stories. What could be more romantic then a moonlit stroll down the river Seine, or popping the question high above the city at the top of the Eiffel Tower? And as if that isn’t enough, the French capital is also home to some of the finest food and wine in the region so you’ll be sure to find more than enough places to celebrate with a Vin Rouge once the ring is on that finger! Paris


This seductive, mysterious and alluring land is romantic without even trying. Its lush greenery makes it an amazing place for nature lovers, hikers and outdoorsy types, while the spectacular coastline is a dream for beach bum couples looking to relax in the sun. Bali also has a rich cultural history and the country is full of fantastic sights, temples and architecture or artistic marvels – in fact this is where the artists come for inspiration, so if she isn’t inspired to say “Yes” in Bali, then we don’t know what will inspire her! Bali