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Top 5 Adrenaline Pumping Stag Activities

There are all kinds of stag groups out there. The ones who just want to sit in the pub and drink beer 24/7. The ones who want to take in all the culture and history of the destination they are visiting. The ones who want to chase the ladies and get down and dirty on their last night of freedom. The pranksters, who are up for a laugh a minute, and finally, one of our favourites, the adrenaline seekers, who spend their stag do abroad on a constant pursuit of the most exciting, thrilling and adrenaline-fuelled activities out there.

Well this one is for you boys. Here are the Eventhuse team’s top five adrenaline pumping stag activities for hardcore thrill seekers.

Hydro Speed in Bratislava

You may not have heard of Hydro Speeding yet, and that is because it is the very latest in top-class stag activities to hit the scene. This is about as close to the water as you can possibly get, with the only thing keeping you from tumbling down the rapids freestyle, being a plastic body board, which you will use to steer yourself around the man-made facilities. Adrenaline seekers on a stag do in Bratislava look no further. This fast-paced, exciting activity is sure to get your heart rate pumping and your adrenaline rushing around your body like a drug.


Drift Racing in Ayia Napa

Drift racing is the real deal and on your stag do in Ayia Napa is the perfect opportunity for you to live out your very own ‘Fast and Furious’ moment as you take those corners at full throttle. You can choose between a Nissan Skyline and Mazda MX5 and then spend 10 minutes on the tracks, pedal to the metal, to see which one of you can handle the vehicle with the most precision, speed and finesse.


Free Fall Simulator in Prague

Skydiving isn’t for everyone. Maybe you don’t have the budget, or maybe you simply don’t have the time during your stag do to learn how to jump out of a plane. However, stag groups in Prague can opt for the next best thing at the indoor skydiving wind tunnel where you’ll get to feel the sensations of freefalling with wind speeds of over 300 km/h. Although the freefall might be simulated and the danger is minimal, the adrenaline you feel is very, very real and the experience is once-in-a-lifetime.


Dog Attack in Krakow

Want to get the adrenaline pumping in your groom-to-be on your stag do in Krakow? How about putting his manhood to the ultimate test by seeing how he handles being chased through the wilderness by an angry attack dog. Don’t worry, the dog is fully trained and your boy will be padded up with all the protective gear, but the attack will still be very very real, so now is a good time to see if your guy is as tough as he thinks he is.


AK47 and Sniper Shooting in Bucharest

Nothing fuels the adrenaline more than holding a gun, taking aim and firing at your target, and you and the boys can do just that on your stag do in Bucharest with our AK47 and Sniper shooting activity. There is a reason why this is one of our most popular packages, and any thrill seeker or adrenaline junkie is sure to get his hit when he feels the unmatched power and ferocity behind this lethal weapon. As always, its safety first, adrenaline hit second, and we make sure that you have all the safety equipment and training needed to guarantee your safety at all times. 


Here at Eventhuse, we are dedicated to ensuring you have the stag do that you deserve and if its thrill-seeking and adrenaline that you are after, we know how to deliver. Get in touch with one of the team today to start creating your bespoke stag itinerary with as many adrenaline pumping activities as you can handle.


With the Original Stag Experts extensive experience, local know-how and precision party planning, your stag do is guaranteed to exceed expectations. Build your custom stag do online selecting from over 400 Activities across 9 European Destinations and sit back whilst we take care of all the strenuous details.

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