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Top 3 Prague Stag Do Activities

Ah, Prague.  It’s a stag party paradise.  The city is flourishing, full of students, artists and musicians.  And if you love your beer (who doesn’t love their beer?), you’ve come to the right place.  Try an ice-cold glass of Únetické Pivo 12° if you want a blast of malted barley.  Or visit one of Prague’s many brewpubs like U Fleků, which has been around since the 15th century, for a totally unique specialty brew.  The only beer on tap at the brewpub mentioned above is a strong, beautiful, unfiltered dark beer with complex flavours of coffee, hop, raisin and liquorices called Flekovský ležák (Yeah, OK, so that’s what they told me – all I know is it’s delicious).  So soak up the majesty of this modern and vibrant city that’s full of energy on your stag weekend in the Czech Republic.  We’ve asked our latest travel groups what they thought our top three activities for stag parties were in Prague and the results are just in.

1. Action Day – Imagine every single 80s action film packed into one full day of activities and you might come close to understanding what this is all about.  Tanks, quad bikes, paintball…it’s got it all for the military-minded man.  And for the seriously hardcore, we even take in a trip to the Military Museum featuring weaponry and materiel from the early 20th century up to the present day.  So brush up on your Arnold Schwartzenegger one-liners – my personal favorite is, “Get daaooown!” – and choose this activity for an action-packed day.

2.  Indoor Karting – Our groups rated the Indoor Karting experience in Prague as their second favourite activity and it’s easy to see why.  Intense action and flat-out racing characterize this adrenaline boosting activity.  State-of-the-art race computer systems, expertly prepared race karts, and an indoor racing arena as challenging as it is exhilarating allow you to push your driving skills to the limit as you compete against yourself and each other in posting the fastest lap times.  So if you’ve got that need for some serious speed on your stag party weekend in Prague, this is the activity for you.  Read more

3.  Booze Night – Since beer might as well be the unofficial currency of the Czech Republic, it’s really no surprise that this activity topped our list of best activities for stag parties in Prague.  Our lovely local guide takes you on an all night tour of Prague’s bountiful drinking dens and pubs.  Top it all off with entry into one of the city’s hottest night clubs before moving on to some more adult-themed entertainment for a legendary night out on town.  If you’ve come to Prague to party, you can’t do it better than this.  Read more

Prague Stag Weekend Activities

So whether you want to channel your inner Rambo, race your mates on some seriously fast wheels, or party like there is no tomorrow, we’ve got you covered.  Don’t forget to check out our extensive list of stag activities in Prague if you’re looking for other ideas for your weekend abroad with your mates.  Have a look at our special offers and don’t hesitate to contact our expert event organizers if you want to create a custom stag party package.  Let us handle the hassle of arranging your nights out so you can concentrate on the party.

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