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Top 3 Krakow Stag Do Activities


A raucous party scene, beautiful old-world architecture, and some of the best cuisine in Europe make Krakow the perfect destination for a stag party.  As you tour the streets of this famous city you’re liable to find something amazing, beautiful, or bizarre.  And if you’re looking for a party there are literally hundreds of bars, cabarets, music clubs, pubs, and world-class restaurants that line the cobbled streets in every direction, they’re packed into cool cellar spaces, they stretch out into gorgeous squares, and they line rooftop gardens all around the Poland’s second city.  This is a city serious about partying hard.  So without further ado, here are our top three stag activities as rated by our latest and greatest groups that travelled to Krakow over the last six months.  This place is an adult-themed fantasyland…

Top 3 Activities in Krakow

3. River Rafting – Coming in at 3rd place is an activity that’s sure to get the blood pumping through those veins.  For those who brave the rapids of Poland’s premiere Olympic-sized white water rafting course, you’re in for the experience of a lifetime.  Armed with little more than your lifejacket get set to punch your way through some serious river hydraulics.  But we wouldn’t send you up a creek without a paddle, so an experienced guide will accompany you and help steer you through any serious difficulties like tacos, down stream flips, and back rollers (yes, those are things – I looked them up.)  If you’re a braver man than I: Read more here

2.  Aushwitz Tour – A lot of our stag groups aren’t just interested in the party, and for that we commend them.  We really can’t stress enough to you the importance and necessity of taking part in this activity if you’re travelling to Krakow.  Tour the largest concentration and extermination camp built by the Nazis during World War II for a truly unforgettable experience.  It is sure to have a profound effect on your emotions and intellect.  We at Eventhuse believe that education is a prerequisite for compassion and learning about the horrors of Aushwitz-Birkenau can only make future genocides less likely in the future.  Read more

1. Vodka Tasting – You’ve had the rest, now taste the best – vodka, that is.  The best vodka I’ve ever had was on this activity a few months ago.  I’ve no idea what it was called as I don’t remember much of the evening.  I do know that my favorite vodka is Żubrówka – serve it straight from the freezer poured over a little ice and with a splash of apple juice.  That’s a seriously delicious drink.  But the shot I had that night didn’t even need the mixer it was so good.  On this activity a local vodka expert explains methods of production, history…oh, whatever – it’s time to drink!  Soak up some of that white spirit with some “Polish tapas”, herring in oil, sour cream or beetroot for a very traditional night out in Krakow.  Sound tasty?  Read more


Krakow Stag Weekend Activities

So those are the top 3 activities in Krakow as voted by our latest stag groups.  Don’t forget to check out our special package deals in Krakow and other activities available and get in touch with our expert event organizers if you wish to create a custom activity package.

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