Top 3 Budapest Stag Do Activities



Here at Eventhuse we can’t think of any other city in Europe as cool as the twin cities of Buda and Pest.  1000 years of History, gourmet restaurants, a stylish and sophisticated nightlife scene, famous Turkish baths and thermal spas – not to forget to mention our many, perfectly tailored day and night activities – make this famous city one of our favoured destinations for stag parties abroad.   So roll up roll up for the results of our (extremely) informal poll – as chosen by our latest and greatest revelers – and find out about our top 3 stag activities in Budapest.  Twins aren’t the only sexy thing about this city…

Budapest Stag Activities


Top 3 Activities for Stags

3.  Trabant Trek – We crunched the numbers, added the votes up, ran computer simulations on the Tera 100, and found out that if your stag is partying in Budapest, you better practice your Cockney accent.  Let us introduce you to the activity that came in 3rd place.  We call it the Trabant Trek but you might as well call it The Hungarian Job.

They aren’t Minis, but they’re the next best thing!  Tool around the streets of Budapest and through the Hungarian countryside with your best mates in these classic Eastern European cars.  Don’t be fooled by the two-stroke engine – these babies can accelerate faster than you can say, “Addig üsd a vasat, amíg meleg” – short translation “seize the day!”  Stop off for a traditional Hungarian feast in the countryside and “just remember this: in this country, they drive on the wrong side of the road.” And don’t rob anybody.  Read more

2.  Casino Tour –  It’s time to double down on your stag party in Budapest.  In 2nd place, our guided gambling tour takes in two of Budapest’s classiest casinos where you can win big on classic table games like poker and blackjack.  High rollers can enjoy games such as roulette and casino craps in the high-limit rooms.  So practice that poker face and study up on your system because it’s time to raise the stakes on your stag trip abroad with this fantastic stag activity.  Read more

1.  Kidnapping Prank – OK, so we have to admit this one surprised us.  It’s not the Stripclub Tour, it’s not our Naked Sushi activity, and it’s not even the Lesbo Show that came in first place. What’s going on with you guys?  This is a stag party, right!?  Numero uno on our list is our Stag Arrest.  Put the groom-to-be through the grinder with this absolutely convincing prank that’s reduced more than one man to tears!  While we can’t reveal all of the details, we’ll tell you that he’s manhandled into the boot of a car, trussed and tied up and then interrogated, before being released safe and sound back into the company of his nearest and dearest friends.  You sick bastards.  And to make it up to him we throw in a striptease to help take the edge off the entire experience.  Read more on stag kidnapping

And that’s it – our top-rated stag activities for Budapest.  Don’t forget to check out all of our other Stag activities and make sure you don’t miss out on any of our special package deals.  Contact our expert event organizers if you have any questions or want to create a custom activity package to suit your Stag’s personal preferences.  In a city as awesome as Budapest, you’re sure to have a blast.