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Top 3 Bucharest Stag Do Activities


Sequestered behind the iron curtain for much of the latter half of the 20th century, Bucharest has emerged into the future as one of Europe’s most desirable travel destinations for the trend-setting jet-set class.  There are so many reasons the beautiful capital city of Romania is one of our top destinations for stag parties abroad.

Gorgeous locales, hot females, and a cosmopolitan party scene that’s second to none help make this a perfect place for stag parties looking to party hard.  It also helps that because of its history, the city feels unknown to most people in Europe – but Bucharest’s unique delights won’t remain a secret forever.  Here are the top three stag activities in Bucharest, as voted on by our most recent stag parties to visit this amazing, emerging city.

Top 3 Activities for Stags

3. Dracula’s Castle – In 3rd place, and it’s really no surprise it’s made it into our top 3, is our day-trip to the beautiful city of Brasov and a tour of Bran Castle.  Discover the truth about Vlad Tepes – an evil supernatural monster? Or a brilliant military leader that got a bit bitey when he was angry?  Perhaps we’ll never know.  Although garlic and holy water still do a brisk trade in the region – make of that what you will.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Carpathian Mountains on a day trip from Bucharest.

2.  Cocktail Cruise – Bucharest takes their cocktails extremely seriously.  And so have our voters as this stag activity checks in at number 2 on our list of top activities in Bucharest.  Check this drink out from the ‘Sid Vicious’ of Bucharest’s cocktail scene:

60 ml Beefeater gin
30 ml Jagermeister (direct from the freezer)
25 ml Liquore Strega (direct from the freezer)
3 second pour of Peychaud’s bitters
1 sour cherry to garnish

-Shake ingredients twice together in an empty shaker, pour into a shaker filled with ice and shake twice, strain into a cocktail glass and add the garnish.
We’ve no idea what it’s called but it’s definitely given us a new perspective on the sour type of drink and it’s delicious. In any case, for this activity a lovely local guide takes our stag parties on a tour of Bucharest’s best cocktail bars and elegant lounge bars. Perfect for the more discerning stag.

1. The All-Nighter – We know our stags like to party like there’s no tomorrow and it’s reflected in the choice of the incomparable All-Nighter as the number one activity for stag parties in Bucharest.  Our expert event organizers have planned an absolute monster of a night out for the boys. A lovely local is on hand to guide your group as you begin the night with a pub-crawl.  Next up, entry into one of Bucharest’s hottest lap dance clubs. And the ultimate night out on your stag party goes on long into the night with tickets to one of the best nightclubs in the city.  It’s time to party from sundown to sun-up.

Thanks to all our stag parties that voted.  Check out our special package deals and all our other stag activities on offer in Bucharest. Please don’t hesitate to contact our expert event organizers if you wish to create a custom activity package to suit your stag’s personal preferences.

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