OK, so you’ve been asked to be the best man at your mate’s upcoming nuptials. As the buzz of the excitement wears off and the stress of your responsibilities starts to build inside you, we’re here to help with the ultimate checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything on the big day. So, without further ado – here are your list of tasks and duties and in the order you’ll need to complete them. Let the games begin!


1. Help plan the engagement party: This won’t be up to you and you alone, the bride and her family and friends will also get involved in planning the engagement party. However, don’t forget to be on hand to help out with anything needed whether that’s ordering the booze, booking the venue or picking up old auntie Mildred from the train station. Basically be available to do anything sent your way.

2. Planning the stag do: This is perhaps the most fun job on your whole checklist! You will be in charge of organising your mate’s stag do; picking the destination, arranging the activities, accommodation, travel plans, etc. But don’t worry, here, at Eventhuse, we can help with the heavy lifting and you can take all the credit for how epic the weekend away was at the end of it all!

3. Go outfit shopping: This might sound like more of a girlie job, but as the best man, it’s your job to help the groom pick out not only his own suit, but also the suits for the rest of the groomsmen on the day of the wedding. Make it fun and include some pubs, a boozy lunch and some light-hearted banter to ease the shopping stress.


4. Help the groom and groomsmen get ready: This is something of a right of passage for the groom and his team of groomsmen. As the best man you should probably ensure that there is just the right amount of booze available to calm the nerves, and make sure all the outfits are ready and complete, so you are all matching and unified. Keep an eye out for uncombed hair and crooked ties!

5. Be the ultimate go-to, confidante and counsellor: Your number one job on this day is to keep the groom cool, calm and collected. This means being a shoulder for him to cry on and an ear to listen to on those last-minute jitters, as well as being the go-to guy for any last-minute tasks, duties or favours. Be available, ready and on-the-ball at all times.

6. Keep your eye on the ring: Amongst your many logistical jobs on the day, this one is one of the most important. Always know where the ring is at all times because if it goes missing, all hell might just break loose! Keep the ring on you if that makes it easier, you can hand it over in the church at the right moment but don’t take your eyes off it before then!

7. Get him to the church on time: One of your major jobs throughout the whole day will be to have your eye on the clock at all times. This includes making sure the pre-ceremony festivities don’t go on too long and making sure the groom gets to the church on time. The bride can be as late as she likes but god forbid the groom is even a second late!


8. Coordinate with the bride and bridesmaids: You will need to be the middleman between the groom and his team, and the bride and her squad. Make sure you are coordinated on timings and make everything look like a well-oiled ship, running so smoothly it looks like you do this every day!

9. Manage the rest of the groomsmen: The rest of the groomsmen or ushers will be looking to you for direction. You need to make sure you know what jobs are expected of them (such as seating the guests, making sure everyone has an order of service sheet, providing umbrellas, helping out with parking), and that they are completing their tasks rather than sloping off for a pint at the local pub.

10. Pay the church: Once the church ceremony is over, the bride and groom will be off doing their meet and greets and drinking champagne with their guests so it’s up to you to make sure that the church gets paid for their services. Find out the amount beforehand and have the cash on you to keep things simple.


11. Be on hand to host and help: Weddings can sometimes involve hundreds of people and the bride and groom will be busy greeting their guests and being caught up in the excitement of the day. Your job is to make sure everyone is happy, knows where they are sitting, has a drink and has been welcomed. Being friendly and confident is a must here. People are counting on you to swoop in at any given time.

12. Make a speech: As the best man you’ll be expected to make a speech at the wedding party and we’re going to be honest with you, people are expecting it to be funny! Have your speech prepared in advance and get a couple of people to look over it before you go out there and crash and bomb.

13. Celebrate in style with an eye on the groom: Once your speech is made, it’s time to celebrate and get your drink on. Make sure everyone is having a good time, dancing and making merry. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the groom during the evening to make sure that he actually gets something to eat and stays hydrated with water so he doesn’t end up vomiting on the gown or on his shoes!

14. Decorate the car and provide the party favours: At some point in the night the bride and groom will head off to ehem… consummate the marriage! It’s your job to make sure the getaway car is decorated with the Just Married sign, some signature cans dragging at the back and any other fun bits and bobs inside the car like streamers etc. It’s also up to you to arrange for any fun extras at the afterparty like cigars and disposable cameras!

So now, armed with your checklist in hand, it’s time to start ticking off the tasks. We suggest starting with the best of the bunch… the Stag Do! We’re here to help, so just head into our Stag European Destination page and start mapping out an itinerary of a lifetime!

Posted on: 1 February 2018

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