The Stag Do Bro Code is a sacred contract made between all members of the stag party.
Whether the rules of the stag do are serious, funny or downright stupid it’s an integral part of every well-planned stag do…otherwise people (and/or bank accounts) can get seriously hurt. Respect the code on your stag do and you’ll steer clear of trouble both on and after the wildest night out. Don't obey it, then surely there will be a price to pay in form of a stag dare. Remeber the forfeits below are merely ideas and by no way compulsory.

General Rule:

Man Up

Before we give you any of the rules it’s important to say that they’re made to be broken and it will happen sometime during the night. But you’ve got to be willing to accept the punishment no matter the consequences. Whether it’s “chug it”, “crawl on all fours”, or whatever – don’t argue, just do it.
It’s in the spirit of good fun and nobody likes a whiner.

Part of the Code:

Don’t Phone Home

You are there to party on the stag weekend and this means you have to be present at all times. Sure you may have some obligations back home, but remember, typically a stag do is for 2 nights, which surely you can go on for the duration without keeping the missus updated.
Tell her your phone’s battery is dead because you can’t charge it in whatever foreign country, or you took the wrong plug for the charger. Maybe, just be honest about the situation and and express that soem alone time with the guys is much needed. Possibly save the chatting until you’re on your own back in the hotel room. If you’re caught calling your other half, or even sending her a text, a forfeit should be in order.


  1. Finish the Stag’s drink or
  2. Mobile will be confiscated for the remainder of the evening

Wounded Soldier

It happens on every stag do. At least one guy can’t handle the party and passes out before you’ve even hit the club. Whether it be from tiredness or just the fact that he doesnt't know how to pace himself when drinking, don’t go hard on the guy.
We recommend to just get him back to the hotel before heading out and joining the party again. It beats looking after him all night. 


  1. None apparently. Simply let him lay in bed the next morning at the cost of possibly not attending a day activitiy that the group has pre-organised

This isn’t Fight Club

Leave any aggressive behaviour back home. That goes for being aggreessive in public, or even between yourselves. We get it, during a stag do you may have quite a few persons attending, especially some that you may not know and dislike right from the get go. One person involved in trouble can ruin the night for everyone. 


  1. Possible jail time in a foreign country. No fun at all.

No Paparazzi

In this day and age of social media, photos and video can spread faster than a particularly virulent case of genital warts. Do yourselves a favour and make a ‘no photos, no videos’ rule during nightlife activities. You are walking on thin ice if they are allowed.
You can always film the daytime stuff and adventure activities. But no one wants to see your mate Phil facedown in a pool of his own vomit as two strippers gyrate over him – especially Phil…or Phil’s girl.


  1. Forfeiture of his phone.
  2. Must be dropped off two miles from the hotel wearing only shoes and a mankini…during the day. This will be filmed!

Don’t Break the Merchandise

The Stag is the single most important person – do not harm him or allow anything to permanently damage him. This includes stupid tattoos or shaving his head or eyebrows - especially if the wedding day is just a few days after the stag do. Keep it fun, not cruel. And don’t get him absolutely wrecked on the first night out – he’s got to make it to the final night. Then you can wreck him.

Keep it PG

Flirting is fun, dares are permitted – but make sure you and the Stag don’t take things too far at the local gentlemen’s club or with some random at the bar. Unless you’re single and care-free, keep your Stag’s conscience clean.


  1. Chlamydia and/or the cancellation of a wedding – not cool.

One For All, All For One

What the group wants, the group does. So if you’re the only holdout against visiting a strip club (you weirdo), get over it. Mob rules on a stag party. If someone still refuses the will of the majority it’s punishment time.


  1. Find a girl in the pub, bar, or club willing to switch tops for half an hour.

It’s Not a Democracy

The Best Man calls the shots and his word is law. So if his word is five shots in a row for everyone, do as the man says. Make it easy for him, it is his job to make the party as enjoyable as possible.

One Hand, One Drink

On the whole of the stag weekend, any time you have a drink in your hand it must be in the nominated drink hand. Nominate the left hand and any time you spot someone drinking with their right they must take a forfeit. We like these ones:


  1. Complete 20 push-ups on the bar.
  2. Crawl around the entire bar or pub on their hands and knees.
  3. Chug a pint

The Golden Rule of all Stag Do’s

It’s the most important rule: what happens on a stag weekend, stays on the stag weekend. This party is just for the boys and no one needs to know anything about it. It’s as simple as that. Abide by this rule and pretty much anything goes on your stag do abroad.

Posted on: 25 March 2015

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