So, the date is set as you’ve decided on the destination with both flights and accommodation sorted. Activities have been selected and you know which pubs you plan to get annihilated in. There’s one thing left to do to ensure your upcoming stag do abroad is well and truly unforgettable, and that is to set yourselves some epic challenges that will keep the troops entertained and make for some pretty hilarious stag stories once you’re back on home turf. Not sure what challenges to set. Fret not, we’re here to help. Tapping into our years of experience on the stag do scene, we’ve listed seven of our favourite stag do challenges. These can be handed out at random, assigned to the whole group or just given to the groom-to-be to do on his own. So, without further ado, read on and get planning!

Swap the T-Shirt Challenge:

Swap T-Shirts (or any other item of clothing) with a girl in the bar. For extra funny points, make the challenger wear the girls top for the rest of the night.

Free Drink Challenge:

Get a free drink from someone outside of the stag group at each bar you visit. Preferably from a lady or a group of girls (great icebreaker!)

Sign the Stag Challenge:

Get any single ladies you meet to either sign the groom-to-be’s bare chest/face/bum or sign his t-shirt/shirt/boxers, on a night out. The more signatures the better. If you do this as a group, the stag with the most signatures wins a prize.

Foreigner Accent Challenge:

When chatting up a group of girls or ordering a drink, assume a foreign accent (the more exotic the better) and keep it up until the conversation or order is over. via GIPHY

Scavenger Hunt Challenge:

Send the groom-to-be (or the whole group) on a scavenger hunt for the duration of the stag do. Give them a list of totally random or difficult-to-attain items that they must collect without spending any money e.g.: a condom, a girl’s bra, a phone number, a pint glass etc.

Selfie Challenge:

Get the groom-to-be to take as many selfies with random women as possible on a night out. Extra points for creativity and diversity.

Embarrassing Dance Challenges:

Get either the groom-to-be alone, or the whole stag group to do a pre-decided embarrassing dance move every time a key word is called. via GIPHY

Lipstick Challenge:

Make the groom-to-be ask girls wearing brightly colored lipstick to give him a kiss on the cheek, then don’t let him wash his face until the end of the night. Extra points for a larger variety of colors!

Serenade a Lady Challenge:

Pick a song. Pick an unassuming lady and then sing her the song – self-explanatory really!

Mr. President Challenge:

Any time the best man shouts “Down Mr. President”, the rest of the group must surround the groom-to-be like body guards for 15 seconds. This challenge can be done throughout the stag do at random and (preferably) embarrassing moments.   To add an extra touch of stag magic to the challenge extravaganza, create a point system where the winner gets a prize and the looser has to buy a round of drinks for the rest of the group. For additional help planning the most epic stag do you could possibly imagine, head into our activities or destinations pages and pick out an itinerary of challenges to suit your individual stag do needs. Don’t worry. We’ve got you! Happy stag do lads!

Posted on: 26 September 2018

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