If there is one thing that is absolutely certain about your upcoming stag do abroad, it’s that you will spend a good deal of time drinking booze. Whether you choose to enjoy a pub crawl, a local booze tasting, cold brewskies after an energetic activity or a big night out, alcohol will be involved. So, to help you navigate your way around drinking abroad, we’ve created this comprehensive guide of destination drinks, how to taste the local flavours and tips to drinking responsibly. 1. Always go local: When travelling abroad for your stag do, it’s always better to choose the local beer, spirit or shot over the imported foreign products you may know better. Not only is it the cheaper option, but it also means you’ll get to sample the local flavours. Most Eastern European destinations such as Prague, Bucharest, Budapest and Sofia offer excellent beers that are hands down better than your usual pint of Stella or Heineken. And you can’t go to Krakow without tasting the local vodka or Ayia Napa without downing shots of Zivania, a traditional Cypriot drink. 2. Love brewskies? Choose beer-based activities: For the real beer lovers out there who don’t want to miss out on any potential guzzling opportunities during your stag do abroad, why not combine fun city stag activities with your favourite pursuit – beer drinking! At Eventhuse we offer a range of activities where beer drinking is basically a pre-requisite. Try beer biking in Budapest, or a brewery tour in Prague. 3. Get your taste on: Another excellent way to combine drinking with interesting, cultural and maybe even educational activities while on your stag do abroad, is to head out for an afternoon of local alcohol tasting. Whether its vodka tasting in Krakow, Absinthe or craft-beer in Prague or wine tasting in Bucharest, you’ll get to learn about an authentic local product, and also hopefully get your buzz on before your big night out. 4. Chase it with water: There’s nothing worse then waking up in the morning with a killer hangover and not being able to enjoy your stag do because you want to chuck up every two minutes. To avoid a hangover, try and remember to down a glass of water for every drink or shot you have, down a pint of water before you go to bed and have some Lucozade and Panadol handy for the next morning just in case. 5. Budget for your booze: If boozing is something you plan to do a lot of during your stag do, it might be worth having a budget set aside for this commodity and look at ways to keep costs down, while still enjoying your favourite pastime. Heading to a local supermarket to stock up on beers, spirits and wines to drink at the house or hotel is a great budget friendly option. Making sure all members of the group agree on the budget is also a must. 6. Sample the nightlife: Drinking in your hotel room is all very well for saving on the pennies, but what’s a stag do abroad without a couple of big nights out to sample the local nightlife. Pub crawls are a great way of checking out the local scene in your chosen stag destination, as well as VIP clubbing extravaganzas, strip club entrance, or all-you- can-drink dinners. All of our Eventhuse stag destinations offer a huge range of options when it comes to both the big drinkers in your crew, as well as those looking to enjoy some non-booze fueled adventures. Head into our destinations page to find out more.