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Stag or Hen Party in Cyprus?

Sun and surf aren’t the only hot reasons for partying in Cyprus:

With perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and dozens of amazing activities, Cyprus is one of our top destinations for your Hen or Stag party weekend abroad.  Check out our top three most popular activities for Stags and Hens in Cyprus as rated by our latest and greatest revelers.  Whether you know it as the island of love, or as the island of sin, we’re sure your stag or hen party will leave calling it the island of fun.

Top 3 Activities for Stags

  1. Off-Road Tour  – Feel the power of these 1000cc mean machines on this action packed off-road adventure.  Tear across the mountains with your mates in vehicles that look like some sort of love child between a rally car and a go-kart.  They’re loud, they’re powerful, and they’ll give your stag party one hell of a ride.
  2. The Enduro Experience – Boys do love their toys and a Honda Enduro CRF 250X dirt bike is one of the best and baddest toys our stag parties enjoy on they’re weekends in Cyprus.  Trailblaze across mountains, beaches, sand dunes, and villages on a 5-hour trek guaranteed to give the adrenaline junkies in your stag party the kind of thrills they crave.
  3. Yacht Cruise – If your stag party is in Cyprus and you aren’t partying on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea, you’re doing something wrong.  A limousine and champagne, followed by an unforgettable party onboard a luxury yacht off the coast of Cyprus – this is the high life right here.  And we’re happy to say our stag parties are in full agreement with us.

Top 3 Activities for Hens

  1. Quad Biking Safari –  We’ve got to admit, this was a surprise entry at the top spot for us!  Credit due to all those badass ladies tearing through the countryside off the beaten track on these powerful quad bikes.  Maybe it’s the breathtaking views of Coral Bay where they can stop and swim, maybe it’s cruising past the waterfalls of Adonis Baths, or maybe ladies today just like ripping it up – whatever the attraction it’s our top activity for Hen parties in Cyprus.  Read more
  2. Catamaran Cruise –  This is luxury sailing on the Mediterranean Sea.  With a drink in hand, your best ladies surrounding you and sunning themselves or taking dips in the impossibly blue waters of Cyprus – it’s an unforgettable experience for any Hen party visiting the island of love.  Want to know why they call it that?  It’s this activity, right here, right now.
  3. Night Spa – Our Hen parties love to pamper themselves with the health and beauty treatments on offer with this activity.  Enjoy the privacy of an entire spa all to yourselves while you rest, relax, and recuperate with massages, Jacuzzi baths, and saunas.  And spice things up with an open bar and some exotic entertainment – a perfect evening for any hen party and one of our top activities.

So there you have it – our top-rated day and night activities for stag and hen parties in Cyprus.  Just don’t forget to check out our wide variety of other Stag and Hen activities and don’t miss out on any of our special package deals.  Or contact us and we can help you create a custom activity package – anywhere from naughty to nice – tailored to suit your Stag or Hen’s personal preferences.  Cyprus truly is a partier’s paradise.

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