A stag night is a perfect excuse to really go all out and party harder than is normally socially acceptable or appropriate. Whether you choose to go abroad for your stag do, or stay at home and just have one huge night out, we have a list of seven things we think you should take into consideration to take your stag night to the next level and make sure it’s one the group will never forget. Take our advice and you’ll become a Stag Do Legend.

Fancy Dress Challenge

Some people love it, some hate it, but the truth of the matter is Stag Fancy Dress costumes are brilliant for more than one reason. As a big stag group abroad all dressed the same you’ll be able to spot each other in the crowd and there is less chance someone will go missing (erm if not totally pissed!). Another plus is that there is always great banter with fancy dress, you’ll feel more together as a group, you’ll attract lots of female attention and if you are just dressing up the groom – there’s the added bonus of humiliation and dignity loss.

Pub Crawl

Getting your drink on it almost a pre-requisite for any Stag night, but instead of just settling into your local pub or the bar nearest to your hotel, a great idea to keep the scenery interesting and meet lots of people, is to go on a pub crawl. Organised crawls will definitely help take some of the stress and responsibility off the Best Man, and ensures you’ll get to drink at some of the best bars in the city.

Stag Do Drinking Games

If the aim of your Stag night is to get drunk quickly, then drinking games are always a fun way to achieve that goal. You can make then as fun or as debauched as you like. You can play them at home or in a bar or pub. And they are a great way to invite other people to join in the fun. Like that group of hot ladies in the booth across the bar from you. Check out our top 5 drinking games for stag do’s

Stag Do Games and Challenges

Taking the drinking games concept one step further, introducing dares or forfeits into your stag night is another fun way to keep the focus on celebrating and being silly. Whether you include all members of the stag team, or keep it exclusively for the stag, make sure you have the dares set out and organised in advance and a good idea is to make sure they are unbiased and fair. Check out our stag do bucket list for some dares and forfeits!

VIP Nightclub

Stag nights should be all about doing things you wouldn’t normally do, pushing the boundaries, going all out and indulging in some VIP treatment. Take your groom-to-be out for a night he won’t forget, book a VIP table at a top nightclub, organise the best drinks service with his favourite bottle of Whiskey and then sit back and watch him feel like a King. VIP tables at clubs are also a massive chick magnet – Just saying! Try our VIP Clubbing in Bucharest for style….the Romanians have taken their nightlife to the next level.

Groom Pranks

Pulling a prank on the groom is a long standing tradition at stag nights but before you decide to egg your best mate outside the pub or chain him to a lamp post naked, think about whether he’ll find it funny or whether it will go down like a lead balloon and end up as an awkward bad memory. One great prank is the hitchhiker stripper gag, or the kidnap the groom prank, where a fake “mob” come and kidnap your groom and take him to a secret location. In need of some ideas for pranks? We have plenty here


Which leads us on to strippers; not every stag night HAS to include sexy women removing their clothes, but let’s face it, a bit of nudity never did anyone any harm! Gage the interest in the Groom before you go and book some hard-core dominatrix or lesbian strip show; and try not to let the other lads’ excitement at a bit of female flesh get in the way of it being about the Groom and HIS last night of freedom.

Posted on: 20 August 2015

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