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Stag Do for the Non-Drinkers

Debauched, depraved, and drowning in alcohol. That’s what most people picture when they think of the wildest stag party that they can imagine. Well we’re here to tell you a party doesn’t need copious amounts of liquor to get crazy fun for everyone. While we definitely like a drink, we recognize that every stag is unique and might want something a bit different than your typical evening spent down the pub, downing pint after pint, before hitting the nightclubs. That may be our picture of a perfect stag do, but it doesn’t have to be yours. That’s why in this blog post we’re going to detail our top stag party day and night activities for the non-drinker.

Night Time

1. Casino Night – Are you a high roller? An evening spent playing games of chance is a great way to keep both non-drinkers and drinkers happy on a stag night. Get in on the action with a variety of table games, slots, and other forms of entertainment with our casino night activities in destinations such as Bucharest, Budapest, and Prague. Everyone’s a winner with this activity.

2. Stag Dinner with Strip Show – Trust us – it’s easy to go teetotal and enjoy the titillation on offer with this type of stag activity. Enjoy a multi-course dinner in a private room followed by an even more delicious dessert. Serve up some sexy fun to your stag with this activity in some of our favourite destinations like Bucharest and Budapest.

3. Strip Poker – This one combines parts of the two previous activities into a seriously fun stag activity. Two hot Hungarian chicks make it a game of high stakes by replacing cash with clothes. It’s exclusive to Budapest, one of our favourite premium stag do destinations.

4. Sexy Pool Party – Are you noticing a theme yet? It really doesn’t get any better than a poolside party with a bunch of babes in bikinis. Exclusive to our stag parties in Prague.

5. Mediterranean Cruise – There’s almost no better way to experience a stag do in Cyprus than to cruise the open water in a luxury yacht. Every moment on board is geared to your enjoyment including a fantastic buffet feast. I say almost no better way, but you can always turn the party up a notch with a sexy stripper. Ahoy, mates!

Day Time

1. Honda Enduro Experience – Adventure activities don’t get much more, well, adventuresome than this. Thrash through the Cyprus countryside, tear through tiny villages, and take in some of the most beautiful sites on the island on the backs of these off-road dirt bikes. This stag do day activity is perfect for those groups looking for a true adventure experience.

2. Airsoft Gun Battle – We’re not going to lie – pain is an integral part of this stag activity in Krakow. It’s a showdown in an abandoned warehouse using replicas of real guns and plastic bullets that really sting when you’re hit. And we do mean sting. So man up. You’ve got a real fight on your hands with this activity.

3. White Water Rafting – You and your stag party will get plenty of thrills on the raging rapids of the River Vltava in Prague. Perfect for larger groups looking for an adventure activity that combines teamwork with roller-coaster speed and action.

4. Caving – Explore the depths of Budapest as you climb and crawl through the limestone caverns underneath the city on your stag do. Scraping through tight spots in the dark isn’t my cup of tea, but hey, you’re probably a braver man than I am. This activity is perfect for stags looking for more adventure than they’re probably used to.

5. Sportfishing – Line fishing doesn’t get any more exciting than when you hook yourself a massive fish that you have to fight to land. Our local fishing guide takes you miles off the coast of Cyprus on your stag do in search of the really big one. Fish, relax, and repeat.

So whatever type of stag do you want to have, remember that there are options for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. Of course some of these activities can include alcoholic beverages for those that want to partake. With this list we’re just suggesting some activities that are more inclusive of everyone’s personal tastes. Trying to keep both groups happy by choosing the right activities results in a better time for everyone involved in the party. And remember, if you’re to create a custom party package our expert event organizers are always on call to help create your perfect stag do.

With the Original Stag Experts extensive experience, local know-how and precision party planning, your stag do is guaranteed to exceed expectations. Build your custom stag do online selecting from over 400 Activities across 9 European Destinations and sit back whilst we take care of all the strenuous details.

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