We all know stag dos can get pretty drunken and disorderly with the groom to be ending up either tied to a lamppost naked, or so paralytic that he can't remember his own name. One fun way to keep the fun rolling throughout the night is to create a bucket list for the groom to be. Watching him lick a bald mans head and do a public striptease will be entertaining for everyone involved.

  1. Drink a dirty pint
  2. Walk into the girls toilet and pretend to put make up on
  3. Serenede the bar maid with "ive lost that loving feeling" from Top Gun
  4. Have a drunken heart to heart with your best man
  5. Ignore all calls from your wife to be
  6. Then text her at the end of the night to tell her you love her
  7. Pull a moon at some passersby
  8. Get phone numbers from as many women as you can
  9. Swap clothes with the fattest girl in the bar
  10. Lick a bald mans head
  11. Get down on one knee and propose to a stranger
  12. Drink a kamikaze shot
  13. Streak 100 meters down the street
  14. Steal a traffic cone
  15. Go for a ride in a shopping trolley
  16. Pretend to do a strip tease in the bar
  17. Leave your mother in law a drunken voice mail at 4am
  18. Wrap the groom in cling film and leave him in the steet
  19. Set off all the fire extinguishers
  20. Get driven back to your hotel in the boot of a taxi/car
  21. Swap shoes with a woman wearing stilettos
  22. Find a hen group and buy them all shots
  23. Eat a whole kebab with no hands
  24. Always remember the sacred pact. What happens on the stag do, stays on the stag do

Posted on: 30 July 2015

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