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Small Things (that nobody thinks) that can ruin a Stag weekend party

Here’s how to avoid any Hangover-style mishaps on your Stag Weekend Party:

  1. Don’t have the party the night before the wedding.  Trust us, the bride will not appreciate the groom looking anything but at his best on the big occasion.  No one wants a blurry-eyed, green around the gills groom (or groomsmen) swaying back and forth as he reads out his vows.  Plan your party for a few weeks before the big day to avoid recriminations and a very upset bridezilla.
  2. Don’t do anything super stupid or dangerous.  You’ve seen this on Youtube: stag party blindfolds the groom, straps him into a wheelbarrow in a giant, impromptu slingshot, releases it and the groom faceplants breaking his nose, arm, and his pride.  Trust us, you don’t want to explain to his future spouse why her man will have two black eyes on the day of the wedding.
  3. Don’t invite guests that the groom hasn’t pre-approved.  Oh, you didn’t know that his college mate slept with the bride before they got together?  Maybe you should’ve run the guest list past him before he was included on the stag weekend.
  4. Don’t assume everyone has enough money to splash the cash.  Renting a villa in the hills may sound like a brilliant idea, but your friend who just lost his job and has a family to look after may have had to tighten his belt over the last few months.  Make sure you run the budget past all of the guys included on the stag weekend before booking the craziest party you can imagine.
  5. Don’t forget to save time for some rest and relaxation during the stag weekend.  You and your mates are going to rage on the Friday, right?  Well unless you want the Saturday night party to be a complete washout you need to book some time to recover.  Good event planners will have great activities to help you rest and ready yourselves for another night of crazy antics.
  6. Don’t hire a stripper or go to a strip club if the groom isn’t into that sort of thing.  This one may seem strange – but some guys just aren’t into that bachelor party staple.  Oh, and it’s probably best if you leave the cameras in your room if you don’t want the groom to face any awkward and upsetting conversations with his bride down the line.
  7. Don’t forget to look after the groom.  Yes it’s a party and you should celebrate, but don’t forget it’s a party first and foremost for the groom.  Let him go crazy, but not so crazy that he gets arrested, or cheats on his future wife, or gets sick with alcohol poisoning.  Trust us, take care of your best mate and give him the party he deserves.


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