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Six Awesome Winter Activities to Try on your Stag Do


It’s winter and the season is well and truly upon us. And although the weather is getting colder and colder, that doesn’t mean you can’t head into the great outdoors on your stag do abroad and enjoy some seriously cool (pun intended) winter activities.
To help you select which winter activities are available to stag groups heading to Europe for a weekend of debauchery this winter, the team of experts at Eventhuse have listed our top activities that are best enjoyed when the weather is at its coldest!


Destination(s) Offered: Budapest, Prague and Riga
Cost Range:
€36-€53 per person

If the Jamaicans can do it, then so can you, and what better time to try your hand at some high-octane, downhill bobsledding, than during your stag do in Europe? Eventhuse offers bobsleigh extravaganzas in Budapest, Prague and Riga – three of the very best destinations for stag do parties.


Destination(s) Offered: Sofia
Cost Range: €70 per person

Sofia is an awesome city. The nightlife is great, the food is mouth-watering, and the beer is cheap as chips. But the cherry on the cake – travel to Sofia on your stag do this winter and you and the boys can also indulge in a spot of night skiing, zooming down less crowded pistes with the lights of the city twinkling below and the pure white snow glowing in the moonlight.


Destination(s) Offered: Bratislava and Prague
Cost Range: €40-€45 per person

Curling might be one of the weirdest sports in the Olympic Games, which is all the more reason to try it out on your winter stag do in Europe. It’s also harder than it looks and takes a whole lot of stamina, so if you are looking for an interesting and unique winter activity that is perfect for stag groups, this is a good one to add to the bucket list!


Destination(s) Offered: Budapest
Cost Range: €30 per person

What could be more wintery than ice skating in Budapest on your stag do! Although this winter activity is energetic and as good as a work out, you’ll also get right into the wintery, festive spirit as you wobble, teeter and eventually zoom your way around the ice rink. And what better way to work up a thirst for ice cold Hungarian beers than a session (forget the coffee!) in the rink!

Destination(s) Offered: Prague and Sofia
Cost Range: €35-€39 per person

And for those stags that prefer to stay warm and dry during their winter stag do, Eventhuse also offers a huge range of equally fun and exhilarating activities such as indoor dodgeball in Sofia and Prague. If you’ve ever seen the film, or watched the sport being played by the pros, you’ll know that dodgeball is for the real guys. You need to be fast, on the ball (though not literally) and with honed reflexes. And not only is it great exercise, we guarantee you’ll also enjoy chucking balls at your friends!

Destination(s) Offered: Bucharest
Cost Range: €25 per person

Another one for stag groups who don’t want to get frostbite, Virtual Reality Bucharest is a perfect activity to stay warm indoors but also feel the thrill and adrenaline of adventure! You can play a huge range of awesome VR games or discover new and amazing new VR worlds. You’ll be provided with all the gear and can spend the rest of the afternoon driving fast cars, killing monsters and bad guys, flying through outer space and so much more.


So now that you know what’s available to you winter stag groups, head into our stag destinations and see what other activities you can add to make your stag do in Europe as epic as you deserve it to be!



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