Before: Stag dos used to be simple. The groom would be taken on a hefty night out with the lads, downing shots and pints in the local pub before hitting the strip club for a cheeky lap dance and then maybe ending the evening with a prank involving some form of public nudity.

After: you are required to head off on an overseas holiday for up to a week of expensive revelry, drinking and stag activities. Adding to your own personal expense, the stag party members are often expected to pay for the groom.

Here are some points to consider when deciding whether the groom should pay his way or get a free pass:

1) How much do you all earn?

If the groom is an investment banker on a six figure salary and some of the stags may well still be at uni or working two jobs just to make ends meet, it might be worth opting for the groom paying his own way. Equally visa-versa, if you know the groom doesn’t earn much but has high hopes for some great stag activities; it would be a nice gesture to fund the trip for him. Alternatively, consider extreme budget destinations such as a stag do in Bucharest.

2) What activities are you planning?

Let’s face it, some activities cost more than others. Maybe it’s worth opting to spot the groom for all the daytime activities such as paintball, go-carting or shooting, and ask him to pay for the evening stag ideas such as clubbing or pub crawls.
Of course if you decide on a stag do in one of Eastern Europe’s low-cost stag destinations such as Prague or  Budapest, the food and beers come cheap so he won’t mind too much!

3) Are you going to the wedding?

Don’t forget that most of you are probably invited to the actually wedding which the groom is probably digging pretty deep into his pockets to fund.
A nice way to show your gratitude for the wedding invite would be to contribute to his stag do. If you can’t afford to pay the full amount for him, maybe treat him to a special stag treat (a stripper or even possibly a limousine before the night out).

4) Have you considered discount packages?

There are some awesomely cheap stag destinations in Europe that don’t require you to loosen the purse strings too much. Just think Krakow, Riga, Vilnius and Bucharest. There are also a wealth of really budget-friendly stag discounts and packages out there. These make funding the grooms’ part of the trip slightly less daunting.

5) Did he pay for yours?

If you are part of a group of friends that have already been on a couple of stag dos, take into consideration whether he has paid for the groom before? If this is the trend within your crew, then it’s only fair for the tradition to stay alive once it’s his turn. Imagine he paid for all of yours and then he’s expected to fund his own way when you’re all invited on his stag do.

6) Communicate with the team

One really key ingredient in ensuring all members of the stag party are satisfied and happy. Communicate with them every step of the way. If you are planning to have them pay for the groom, let them know in advance and listen to their feedback. If they are budgeting for  one person, springing the news they need to fork out more cash, will not come as good news!


Posted on: 13 June 2015

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