Your stag do will (hopefully) be a once in a lifetime event. Something that you and the lads will want to remember forever. And sometimes blurry, drunken smartphone snaps just don’t cut the mustard. But imagine having a professional with you, recording the weekend away so that you’ll have the best possible souvenir to look back on for years to come. Here at Eventhuse, we have launched an exciting new service. Now, you too can hire a videographer to join you on some (or all) of your activities. They’ll lurk in the shadows, filming your escapades, but before you make a decision, read on for our key pros and cons.

PRO: You’ll have a lasting memory of your epic stag do

The number one pro is the nostalgia element. You’ll each get a copy of the video that you can keep forever. A lasting memory of one of the best (and perhaps last) times that it was just you boys having pure unadulterated fun. Just picture the scene: you and the lads getting together in your 60s or 70s and looking back at that time you all went paintballing on your stag do in Prague. Priceless if you ask us!

CON: You’ll have a stranger with you during your event

For stag groups that like their privacy, this might be something to consider. If you hire a videographer, they will have to join you in order to film you out and about. But don’t worry, you can pick and choose when they will be there, and they won’t be an invasive presence. You might even forget they’re there at all! Plus, our videographers are cool people – you might even like them!

PRO: You’ll get a professionally edited version of events

Not only will a videographer provide lasting memories of your big weekend abroad, they’ll also be professionally edited into an epic mini-movie! At long last you can live your dream of staring in your very own version of The Hangover. And trust us, you’ll be watching it over and over again. It will be that good!

CON: It will be so good, your wives and girlfriends will want to watch it

You know the old saying. What goes on tour stays on tour. Well, if you film it, you’ll have video evidence of your escapades. And those nosy wives and girlfriends will get curious. Maybe you don’t mind. Maybe you have nothing embarrassing to hide. Maybe, just maybe you’ll have some very suspicious, very curious women wondering why you won’t show them your video!

PRO: It will be money well spent on something that will last forever

While spending your stag budget on paintballing, go-karting and other amazing activities is a great idea, these aren’t physical things that you can actually take home. Sure, the memory will last for a while. But then it will start to fade. A video is always going to be money well spent because you can keep it forever.

CON: It costs money

Like everything in life, hiring a videographer will cost you money. And while it might seem like less money for the beer pool, or perhaps a slightly cheaper hotel, it is actually money that you’ll be glad you spent once you have the final video. Also, we know that stag budgets can be tight, so we won’t charge you an arm and a leg for it. It will be worth it – we promise!

PRO: Endless social media fodder

You might choose to keep your stag do video totally private and not share it at all. But just imagine the social media potential of your very own professional video, showing you and the lads having an epic time abroad. The likes will come rolling in on their own!

CON: Endless social media fodder

This one works both ways. Who knows what debauchery you and the lads got up to on your stag weekend away? You might not even remember some of the things you did. Chances are there could be some pretty embarrassing stuff on there that social media should never see. A good solution to this problem is to make sure you are all on the same page in advance. Decide: To post or not to post. And then stick to it. So, you now have a better idea of the ins and outs. Eventhuse offers a professional videographer for some of our incredible stag destinations. It’s time to weigh up your options and make your decision. So far, the feedback has been great. What are you waiting for?

Posted on: 7 March 2019

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