Times are a-changing, and as old-fashioned traditions are fade away, new contemporary alternatives are slipping in quickly to replace them. And that includes some of those outdated gender stereotypes that no longer serve us and are becoming more and more irrelevant in today’s forward-thinking society. Just because tradition tells us that groomsmen should be male and bridesmaids should be female, doesn’t mean that if we don’t stick to the rules, we’ll be thrown in jail before we can say ‘I do’, so if your best buddy just so happens to be a women, go ahead and ask her to be your ‘Best Woman’ and if you still need some convincing, here is our list of pros and cons to help you decide.   PRO: She gives great advice from a female perspective Now, we’re not saying that all women are created equal and think alike, however, your female best man is much more likely to be able to advise you and guide you through the whole wedding process, giving you a unique female perspective on things. These might even be more in line with what your future wife actually wants.  

CON: No stripper on your stag do Although some women might appreciate or enjoy the hedonistic pleasures of the strip club, the majority of them will probably have something feminist to say about the whole thing and will either guilt trip you into not going, or just make the whole thing too awkward to enjoy. The same applies to any predominantly ‘laddish’ stag do behaviour that might not fly if your best man is a woman.  

PRO: She’ll double up as a personal stylist Lets face it, as a general rule of thumb, women are much more likely to have a good sense of fashion and style then most of the men in your life, so on the big day, and in the lead up to the wedding itself, your best buddy will be able to help pick out your outfit and also keep an eye on how slick and polished you look on your actual wedding day.  

CON: Your single friends will want you to set them up with her This might not be a terrible thing, but the last thing you want on your stag do, or your wedding, is for all your single male friends to be pestering you to introduce them to your Best Woman. Maybe she’s already spoken for and maybe you can just tell them to man up and ask her in person, but either way, this scenario could get annoying.  

PRO: She’ll be a great help for ring or gift shopping Women are most definitely not all shopaholics, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t good at helping when you need to buy something important like a wedding ring, gifts for your future wife’s family, or general stuff for the wedding. Women think of the small details that often get overlooked by their male counterparts, so having a female best friend can be like having an extra bit of your brain that you didn’t know you were missing.  

CON: Your future wife might not like it People can be jealous especially when they feel threatened and knowing that your closest friend is a woman might be tricky for your wife-to-be to get her head around. Hopefully by the time you get to the marrying-each-other stage of your relationship, you two will have come to an understanding and hopefully she will just be happy that you have such a good friend in your life.  

PRO: It will add a unique touch of individuality to your nuptials Your wedding will definitely stand out as forward thinking, modern and unique if you have a female friend in your party of groomsmen! Points for originality  

CON: Your groomsmen party won’t all be dressed alike You know those wedding photos of a line of slick suited and booted groomsmen with the main man in the middle, well, if you include your girl best friend, she might not be too happy donning a three-piece and a bow-tie. But does that really matter – in the grand scheme of things NO – so stop worrying about the intricacies and go ahead and ask her!   We don’t mean to gender stereotype, but women can also be great at organising things and keeping things cool, calm and collected, so asking your best buddy to be your Best Woman will also help in the stag do preparations. We’re here to help as well, so for more tips, advice and ideas, head into our main website and learn more.