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Prague Bar and Lounge Guide

Beautiful, beautiful Prague is fast becoming a stag and hen haven thanks to its great prices and its wealth of awesome bars to choose from. As always we are here to help with a list of the very best of the best.


This alternative underground ruin bar may be a tad grungy, but it’s also one of the friendliest, most welcoming little communities in the city. Also – it’s so cheap it’s actually silly!

When to go: Make this the end of your bar crawl

What to Drink: Local beer all the way

Address: Bartolomějská 13


Manesova Bar & Books

Bar & Books is one of those sophisticated yet welcoming and cosy bars that makes you feel right at home. Designed to look like a luxury old-school library complete with leather chairs and walls of books, the warm atmosphere is further accentuated by the sexy jazz music playing every night.

When to go: An early evening pre-dinner tipple

What to Drink: Make that a bottle of your best wine sir!

Address: Manesova 64

Manesova Bar & Books


Cross Club

A well-renowned crossroads of cultures in Prague, this eccentric and futuristically decorated centre of music and art is also a great place to go out for anything from film screenings, live music, alternative theatre performances and travelling circuses.

When to go: Post dinner drinks and dancing to the fab live acts and DJs

What to Drink: Keep it simple – drink a Vodka

Address: Plynární 23


Blue Light Bar

This moody, dark little pub is a local secret and a wonderful little glimpse into real life in Prague. The walls are adorned with graffiti from stone floor to vaulted ceiling, the light is dim with candles flickering and the atmosphere is laid back and inclusive.

When to go: Late night drinks

What to Drink: Swirl that whisky around the tumbler and take a deep swig

Address: Josefska 42/1

Blue Light Bar


Bugsy’s Bar

An established institution in Prague, Bugsy’s is a retro other-world cocktail bar where the bar tenders are artists and your drink is their canvas! The place is fitted with luxury American diner style décor and cosy private little booths that are perfect for Stag and Hen dos.

When to go: Whenever cocktail hour is!

What to Drink: The absolute mecca for cocktail mixology in Prague

Address: Pařížská 10

Bugsy Bar


Al Capone’s

Prague is already cheap but with the excellent cocktails at Al Capone’s being so darn cheap, you’ll be well on your way to a seriously boozy hen or stag night out in Prague without even leaving a dent in your wallet.

When to go: Get there nice and early to guarantee a spot on the bar

What to Drink: Bloody Mary or Long Island Ice Tea

Address: Bartolomějská 3


Bukowski’s Bar

Recommended by the Lonely Planet, National geographic, Daily Mail and Time Out, this bar comes with an excellent reputation. It’s a favourite amongst locals and a great place to meet some of the cities most interesting, creative young drinkers.

When to go: Line the stomach before coming so after dinner is best

What to Drink: The best local pivo Prague has on tap

Address: Bořivojova 86

Bukowski’s Bar


El Mojito Cocktail Bar!/

A cocktail bar with a bit of rough around the edges, this is a great place to go if you want great drinks but don’t want to worry about dressing up to the nines. Casual with an air of shabby chic, El Mojito has a bar crammed with every alcohol under the sun.

When to go: pre dinner aperitivo between 5 and 8

What to Drink: cocktails galore

Address: Dlouhá 732/31



A family run bar for the past 90 years, Tretter’s is steeped in traditional and oozes with the retro glamour of the 1930’s in Paris or New York.

When to go: Stop in for a nightcap before bed

What to Drink: Congac and a fat cigar anyone?

Address: V kolkovně 3


U Syraku

This newly opened cheese bistro is owned by the loveliest couple who are mad about cheese. Not only is it a full blown cheese shop, it also serves delicious food and fabulous wine. To top it off the décor is really funky and the prices are stag and hen budget friendly. A must visit.

When to go: A delicious boozy lunch or organic wine and cheese platter

What to Drink: A great glass of organic prosecco from Casa Coste Piane

Address: Jaselská 246/20

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