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Personalised Hen Gifts

Attending a hen do today can often mean forking out large amounts of cash for a holiday abroad which will include accommodation, multiple big nights out and a vast array of awesome and unique activity ideas from pole-dancing to paintballing. Rather than taking this expense for granted, an increasing trend amongst future brides, is to show gratitude to the hen party members by gifting them with small personalised tokens of appreciation. There are hundreds of great creative ideas out there, but to get you started, we’ve provided a little list of our own.

1. Down in one: Let’s face it; most hen dos will involve copious amounts of alcohol. Whether you are sipping champagne on a river cruise or downing shots of vodka, the consumption of this heavenly liquid will be inevitable. So why not make the drinking a personal affair with special shot glasses, champagne fluted or pint glasses with each hen’s name.

2. Sun is Shining: If you are going somewhere hot and sunny for your hen do like Ayia Napa the chances are you’ll need to be well equipped for the weather. Why not treat the girls with personalised sunglasses, beach towels or sun hats.

3. Say Cheese: There is nothing more special or memorable than a photo to capture that special moment forever. So on your hen do abroad, make sure someone has a camera at all times and gets some really great snaps with the bride-to-be and all of her hens. That way you’ll always remember that one epic night.

4. Say my name: Everyone knows that ladies love jewellery, so a gift that is sure to be popular with all the hens is a personalised necklace or bracelet. You could either get something with their names engraved on it, or maybe the name of the destination and the date. Maybe you all enjoyed you’re hen absinthe tasting activity in Prague so much, you want a Green Fairy pendent to remember it!

5. Wear it with Style: It’s a bit of a cliché, but getting a piece of clothing printed with nicknames is always a bit of fun and can be used for group activities during the time abroad. If you feel wearing group t-shirts is a bit much for your night out, try getting personalised bath robes, knickers or hoodies instead.

6. Get equipped: It’s always good to come prepared so if you are planning for some unique activities on your hen do abroad, then it might be a nice added touch to gift the girls with something useful for the event. Perhaps you’ll be chocolate making lesson in Krakow – make the girls personalised aprons especially!

7. Where are my Keys: Ok, ok, we know. Keyrings are a little bit lame as a gift idea but think about it, we use our keys every single day, so with a personalised key ring with a name, a date and maybe even a photo or a little symbol from that crazy night out, your hen group will have a cute little reminder of the holiday all year round.

8. Carrying the Past: So, you know how, since plastic bags are so bad for the environment, those cute little canvas bags have become so trendy and popular? Well why not make your hen do extra special and unique and get a bunch of those little bags with the name of all the hen girls printed on them. Useful, thoughtful and stylish. Winning combination!

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