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The Origins and History of Stag Do’s

You’ve obviously heard about stag parties (why else would you be reading this post?). The groom along with the best man and their buddies go from pub to pub drinking, maybe hit a strip club, possibly gambling and doing all kinds of shenanigans. This is what we consider to be the short censored version.
It is more common nowadays to follow an uncut version, which gives you our interpretation of a stag party (like the one you may have seen in the movie ‘The Hangover‘). One which is not simply the lad’s last night out, but instead a long weekend away from home with a few activities thrown into the mix.

Stag parties come in all sorts of names:

  • Bachelor party in the US and common also around the Mediterranean region
  • Buck party in Australia
  • Junggesellenabschied in Germany (yes, it’s a 20 letter word, sounding very German indeed that means farewell to bachelorhood
  • Enterrement de vie de garcon, in France which translates to the burial of the life as a boy (we certainly hope you are not considered a boy still after your teen years!)


The term ‘stag do‘ has a great deal to do with manhood, stags being the leaders of the pack, the virile exponents of the species, the horned adults, full of vitality and capable of leading through.
As you might have guessed, the term is also taken from mythology. No, this time no Greek gods are about, but the Celtic ones. You may have heard about ‘The Horned God’, the symbol of all things male in early English mythology and also in Celtic legends. That would be our favored explanation.

What are the principal elements of a stag do?

1. People

Of course, who the best man invites on belhalf of the stag is one of the more difficult tasks in the organisation. Without the right mix of characters it could be a recipe for disaster.
Historically stag parties were these black-tie fancy dinners that the groom father would host. Things are a bit different now, because a stag party involves fun, silliness, a pick from a variety of destinations to host the event, and more than one night of partying. let’s not forget the occassional pranks and humiliations of the groom, all of which are in good fun.


2. Destination

As previously mentioned, the location of a stag party used to be a pompous mansion or a fancy restaurant, where the groom’s father, the groom, his best man and mates would toast to the groom’s happiness and have a black-tie kind of event.
Today things are a tad bit different. With so many destiantions to chose from it is up to the best man to be informed of what would best suit the stag for his last night of freedom and identify the destination that would best accommodate his expectations. That’s why we would recommend a stag party abroad.


3. Activities

It’d be a pity to visit Budapest or Prague and to just…go to a pub. You can do that back in the UK.
Each city has its own unique landmarks, activities and adventures to offer. You can take part in more ‘adrenaline’ based activities such as AK47 shooting, Wake Boarding, Water Rafting or Indoor Sky Diving, or just chill with your mates at a Spa, a Beer Tasting Tour or a Boat Cruise or take part in sportier activities such as Bubble Football, Squash or even Dodge Ball.


With the Original Stag Experts extensive experience, local know-how and precision party planning, your stag do is guaranteed to exceed expectations. Build your custom stag do online selecting from over 400 Activities across 9 European Destinations and sit back whilst we take care of all the strenuous details.

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