Organizing a stag do especially for a big group may be a nightmare. Looking for activities, adjusting to everyone’s need and after all your friends are still wanting more. Know the feeling?

An alternative is to hand this task of to the professionals and go via an agency but which one? Which city? Which country?

Poland has recently become popular among foreign stag groups. This comes as no surprise – cheap alcohol, beautiful girls and delicious appealing food. You will hear “Go to Cracow, it’s beautiful” but are they right? We for one can vouch for that.

Below are 5 cities in Poland popular amongst stag do's and decide yourself which one is the best.



First on the list and there is a good reason for that. European Capital of Culture 2016, a city with spirit and history (just check those reamining holes in the churches after II World War). We consider it to have the most welcoming locals Poland, and the city itself has a wide selection of pubs and clubs suited to different tastes in music and a paradise for beer lovers having the biggest brewery. Being here you can have both – the craziest and most unforgettable party with a stress free time to spend with your friends (do this by the river!).

Stag do's are not so popular here but you will find everything you need to spend a great one.



The capital is a host to large and modern buildings, with a wide array of pubs and clubs to choose from BUT with long distances and never-ending traffic. Stag groups get mixed with other foreigners – students, tourists, businessmen. Your chances to meet a person originally from Warsaw are slim, as most “locals” are from other Polish cities or from abroad.
You will find that prices are a little higher than in other Polish destinations but flight tickets are come at a lower price. That may be a strong reason why a lot of groups are coming to Warsaw.


Definitely the first choice of not only stag groups but tourists in general. The beautiful Market Square and Castle are both worth seeing and come with a rich historical background. Locals love the fact that tourists flock their city but may not be as warming to stag groups. In some venues you may find a “no entrance for stag groups” policy. Foreigners coming to Cracow will get a message on their phone saying “Respect Cracow”. The campaign itself began mainly because of loud and problematic bachelor groups.

If you are small and quiet group then Krakow will be the perfect stag do destination for you – unique activities like oil show, dwarf pub crawl or car smash are organized only there. For big groups who feel like putting on a Borat costume and make the most of the weekend trying all possible kinds of vodka, there are better alternatives….


Advertised and known as Gdansk or Danzig but along with Sopot and Gdynia it forms a Tricity – complex of three cities connected by public transportation and easy to get to each of them.  Super friendly people, fresh sea breeze and all possible water attractions that you can imagine. You can book a stag do from a few foreign agencies and some local ones like Soltero Trips for theultimate experience. There are not many stag groups and they are spread around the seaside so there is a small chance you will notice them even if they come in fancy dress.


Last but not least there isPoznan. Not so popular among stag parties , this charming city comes with a small Market Square and rich and specific local dishes for this region. Lack of popularity is a good thing here. You can be assured that in a nightclub there are girls not just male squads. Although you will not find crazy attractions – paintball, karting and shooting are on a very high service level. 

The choice is yours but make it wisely. You can have a great weekend in Poland for a fraction of a price organised by a local agency. Select a city according to your needs and character of the group because stag groups are never the same and each has its own unique preferences. Whatever you choose we are sure that you will have a great time in Poland for your organised stag do! 

Posted on: 5 March 2020

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