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National Drinks To Try On a Stag or Hen Weekend

Planning where to travel to on your stag or hen do can be a daunting prospect, do you want the sun, sea and sand of an island retreat like Ayia Napa or do you want the urban culture and history of an iconic European hub like Prague or Krakow. The choices are endless, so to help you choose where to go for your weekend abroad, here at Eventhuse we’ve listed some of the top destinations in order of their national drink!

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The Tipple: Absinthe

The Spiel: The significant rise in popularity of this potent liquor all boils down to the bohemian drink being made illegal across most of Europe. Although the drink is not actually from the Czech Republic itself, it was in a nightclub in the capital local creatives and boho artists started drinking the banned green spirit again. Today absinthe is mostly drunk in shots with melted sugar and ice. Groups are warned though; one shot is said to have the potency of 4 strong beers so pace yourselves! Groups looking to experience absinthe the right way are advised to go for a special absinthe tasting tour.

The Damage: 135CZK/€5/£4


The Tipple: Pálinka

The Spiel: This crazy strong traditional Hungarian fruit brandy has been around since the Middle Ages and still to this day follows the same recipe and distillation process. Made from any locally grown fruit, the most popular and widely found Pálinkas are made from plums, apricots, apples, pears, and cherries. According to our local experts over in Budapest, the best brands are Szatmári szilvapálinka made from plums, Kecskeméti barackpálinka made with apricot and Zwack Vilmoskörte made from pear.

The Damage: 2,000–3,000HUF/€6-10/£5-7


The Beer: Guinness

The Spiel: If you are going to Dublin for your party you should know that it is almost a rite of passage to have at least one pint of Guinness during your stay. The Irish capital is the home of the delicious ‘Black Stuff’ as it is known locally, and don’t worry, this is a beer you can drink guilt-free as its high in iron making it basically good for you!  Dublin itself is a rather expensive option for groups travelling abroad, but after one sip of the rich, creamy ale all expenses will suddenly be worth it!

The Damage: £4.70/€5.90

Ayia Napa

Taste it: Zivania

The Spiel: Zivania takes a bit of getting used to but once you’ve managed to stomach the ridiculously strong liquor, you’ll notice its sudden energy giving properties which are bound to make your party in Ayia Napa all the more fun, raucous and debauched! The drink is usually enjoyed straight from the freezer and poured into a shot glass. Locals enjoy it over a big meal as a digestion aid, however the younger generations can also be found downing shots of the clear grape-based liquid for a guaranteed great night out.

The Damage: £3.50/€4-5


The Beer: Schnapps

The Spiel: The most Germany sounding drink in the world, Schnapps is a strong and fruity concoction make by fermenting fruit together with a base liquor such as brandy.  This process makes the drink much stronger in alcohol content and although it sounds like something a teenager might get drunk on at a college party, Schnapps is perfect for hen groups in Berlin who really mean business.

The Damage: £2.50/€3.20


The Tipple: Vodka

The Spiel: Everyone knows about the Russian’s and their vodka, but something many people don’t know is that the clear liquor has also been brewed using potato skins and drunk in Poland since the early Middle Ages. In fact, today the Poles make some of the best vodkas in the world meaning that a party to the cultural and nightlife capital of the country would be incomplete without some serious vodka tasting action! The best brands available in Krakow are Belvedere and Chopin but look for little vodka bars and you can taste a smorgasbord of different tastes and flavours infused with exotic and tempting ingredients.

The Damage: 8.50PLN/£1.50/€1.90


The Tipple: Frígola

The Spiel: Although you will probably spend most of your time in Ibiza sipping cocktails at sundown or having bottles of champagne brought to your table in silver buckets of ice, if you fancy having a taste of authentic Ibiza then why not try a shot of Frígola after a meal. The taste is slightly herbal, with the spirit made from the essences of various plants that are native to the area including the main ingredient which is thyme.

The Damage: £3/€4

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