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The Maid of Honours List of Responsibilities

There is no greater tribute then being chosen by the bride-to-be to be her maid of honour.
On the flip side, there is no job that is more significant or important and taking your responsibilities seriously both before, during and after the wedding, will make everyone’s life easier – and most importantly, the bride’s whole wedding experience will be smoother, more pleasant and enjoyable.

Before you start to stress out that you aren’t up for the job, here at Eventhuse, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the most important maid of honour responsibilities. And don’t forget you were chosen for a reason – not just because of your close personal relationship with the bride, but also for your organisation, energy, supportive personality and dynamic go get em attitude. You can do this!

1.  Plan the Hen Do:

One of the best things about getting engaged is that you get to throw a kickass hen do or bridal shower, however, traditionally, it isn’t the actual bride that organises said hen do, it’s usually the maid of honour – yep, that’s you! But don’t worry, there are professional hen do companies like Eventhuse out there to help you make sure the event exceeds expectations.

2.  Help Choose the Dress:

We all know that the bridal gown is one of the highlights of every wedding, people talk about it for days to come and it is immortalised in almost every photo of the day. So, choosing the most beautiful, fairy-tale dress, is going to be high on the brides list of priorities, and who better to help than her trusted maid of honour.
Be honest but gentle as your best friends tries on dress after dress after dr… you get our point. There may also be tears, be prepared!

Pick Wedding Dress

3.  Organise the Bridesmaids:

This is one of the hardest of your maid of honour responsibilities, but like it or not, it’s your job to head up the team of bridesmaids, arrange and coordinate their tasks and then make sure everyone knows what they need to do on the day.
Fingers crossed you’ll have a nice, organised and accommodating group of bridesmaids who are willing and eager to help rather than getting pissed on bubbly and sloping off with the best man!

Bridesmaids Organisation

4.  Keep Time:

The bride is absolutely not going to have the time to check whether things are running according to schedule or even what time it is at any point during the day, plus a mobile phone isn’t going to look good with her outfit and neither is a watch, so it’s your job to be on hand to tell the bride what time it is, how long you have left for certain things, what is left to do and how much time is left to do it in!
Keep your cool and don’t get stressed. The last thing your bride needs is her wing woman losing her cool!

5.  Help Plan the Wedding:

We’re not talking about taking on the whole wedding planner role, that would be crazy. All we are saying is that the bride will need someone to bounce ideas off, to go to for wedding advice and a second opinion, and there will probably be a huge number of small tasks and errands that will need running in order for everything to get done on time.
Be prepared to be the bride’s go-to person for all things wedding related, whether its mulling over seating plans over endless bottles of red wine, or simple things like posting invitations, and try and do it with a smile no matter how tired you are. This is her big day and you’re job is to make it the best of her life.

Wedding Organise

6.  Be a Constant Outfit Vigilante for the Bride:

This one can come in all manner of smaller outfit related responsibilities, but the good thing is that they are all relatively easy. The basic concept is that you have to keep an eye on the bride’s outfit at all times, help her get into the wedding gown in the morning and help her with hair, makeup, shoes and accessories and then basically make sure she is looking perfect for the rest of the day.
Fluffing out her skirt for photos, keeping a hairbrush and some touch up make up on you at all times, having a change of shoes at the ready and helping her out of the dress for loo breaks or the bridal departure all fall under this category!

7.  Be an Emotional Support:

Tensions are high, stress is through the roof, the bride is probably nervous, overtired and emotional. Sounds like a nightmare, but it’s your job to be there for her as an emotional support on this long rollercoaster of an adventure.
In the leadup to the wedding and on the actual day, you need to be there to listen to her, let her cry on your shoulder, be gentle, kind and reassuring and give her words of support and encouragement.

8.  Look After the Bride During the Wedding:

This is a huge day for the bride and the chances of her getting overwhelmed and forgetting to eat, drink water or go to the toilet are high. You need to be there for her as her common sense and her adult baby-sitter to make sure the meltdowns or wipe outs don’t happen.
Make sure she stays hydrated throughout the day and keep an eye on how much she eats. It might have taken her months to fit into her dress, but if she faints from hunger on the big day, it will all have been for nothing!

9.  Make a Speech:

Not all maids of honour are requested to make a speech but be prepared that it may be asked of you at some point during the wedding experience. Maybe it will be at the rehearsal dinner, maybe it will be at the hen party or maybe they’ll just start shouting “SPEECH” at you during the actual wedding.
Whatever happens, it’s always a good idea to be prepared rather than winding up on stage with a microphone and nothing to say. Think about what you would like to say and keep a couple of points as mental notes in your head, so that when the time comes you are cool as a cucumber.

10.  Help with the Aftermath:

This one depends on the wedding, but as the maid of honour you will probably be expected to help with the post-wedding tasks.
Traditionally, the maid of honour looks after the wedding gifts, makes sure they are all put somewhere safely along with a record of who gave what. Additional duties include cleaning up after the wedding.


Now that you have a clearer idea of your maid of honour duties, we suggest you get started on the most fun of the tasks and start planning the hen do. We’ve got plenty of ideas and options for you so head into our site and let the games begin!!


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