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Hen party surprises. It’s the extras that count – Unique ideas to make your hen do extra special

Anyone can organise a dinner or a boozy night out with a limo and a stripper, but it takes a bit of extra planning and some thoughtful little extra-special touches to take a hen do from just great, to A-mazing!
Luckily, that’s what we are here for – to give you some ideas and inspiration to help ensure the bride makes everlasting memories and everyone comes away saying “that was the best hen do I’ve ever been to.”
We’ve put together this list of tips to tailor-make your hen do, but really the most important thing for any hen event is to think about what the bride likes, what are her favourite things, what is her style and would she want to do.

  1. Make a Hen Book – Buy a beautiful scrapbook or photo album with stick pages and either fill it with photos of your bride-to-be throughout her life, or dedicate a page to each of the hens in your group, with each girl decorating her page with photo’s letters, drawings and memories of her relationship to the bride. Get the tissues ready, this hen activity is a guaranteed tear jerker!
  2. Get personalised gifts for all the hens – This idea can be as cheesy and gimmicky, or as classy and cool as you make it. Some hens opt for named group sashes or T-Shirts which you can all wear to your hen activities such as pub crawls or pole dance lessons. Alternative gifts like named necklaces, scented candles will also go down a treat.
  3. Do a Husband-to-be quiz – Before the hen event, get the groom to make a list of questions about himself, from the name of his first pet, to his favourite position in the bedroom. Get the bride to answer the questions with an optional drinking penalty for each wrong answer or gift for each correct one. This could be a fun extra during hen activities such as a river boat cruise or a bus tour.
  4. Decorate the hen room – Whether you’ve checked into a hotel or rented a house, go the extra mile and decorate the bride-to-be’s room with banners, flowers, balloons, candles, photos and sparkles as a really nice surprise before she gets there.
  5. Make hen party bags or hangover kits – Thoughtful little party bags or hen survival kits are a unique and special way to thank everyone for coming and make them all feel welcome. Fun items to include could be face masks, nail files, miniature bottles of alcohol, sexy underwear, painkillers, herbal tea bags, plasters, chewing gum, safety pins, a small deodorant, lip balm and whatever other little treats you think the group would appreciate.
  6. Bring an official Hen Do camera – Ask one of the girls to bring a camera and designate it the “Official Hen Camera” then take it in turns to take pictures during the activities. That way you ensure everyone is in the photos and you’ll have a permanent reminder of that burlesque class or a post paintball team shot.
  7. Make your own exotic drinks – You’re bound to be drinking at your hen event so why not do it in style and make it unique by creating some extra fun ways to get the alcohol into the system. Try making Vodka infused watermelon or a frozen margarita shot in half a lime, or pre-freeze handfuls of frozen raspberries or blackcurrants to use as yummy edible garnishes for the cocktails. This is an especially good activity if you take a cocktail making class first to show off your new tricks.
  8. Adorn the dinner table – If you choose to have a sophisticated evening in, try decorating the dining table with some hen-worthy elements that will get the girls giggling. Willy straws, silly hats, streamers and personalised placemats are all a good place to start. If you’ve got the budget why not also bring in some sexy butler’s in the buff to wait on you hand and foot.
  9. Powerpoint presentation – Get someone tech-savvy to help you make a powerpoint presentation with all your favourite images of yourselves with the bride-to-be and her groom. While you are watching the slide show you could do some fun hen team bonding activities like asking each hen to tell the group her favourite thing about the bride and vica-versa.
  10. Create a canvas – For the artistically inclined hens a nice idea that can double up as a unique hen keepsake is to buy a blank canvas and have it in the hotel or apartment for the duration of the trip along with pens, paints, glitter and glue. Get all the hens to add their own personal touches and give it to the bride-to-be as a gift at the end.


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