he•don•ist ˈhēdənəst,ˈhedənəst/ noun 1.    a person who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life; a pleasure-seeker. It’s our considered opinion that if your stag party isn’t pursuing pleasure like a heat-seeking missile pointed at a white dwarf star about to go supernova then you really have no business thinking about Ayia Napa as your stag do destination. If, however, you think a stag weekend in a Mediterranean city that’s been described in one travel guide as “a raunchy Disneyland for partygoers” (which conjures up some disturbing mental imagery of that children’s theme park – but we get what they’re trying to say) is just what the doctor ordered, here are our top activities on offer. Club Night With an eclectic mix of music ranging from dance, urban and party, all the latest EDM, floor fillers and top summer tunes can be heard in Ayia Napa’s heaving clubs. As befitting a beach-side party town, dress codes for the majority of clubs are relaxed, ranging from bikinis, to high-street fashion, to fancy dress.  It’s pretty much an anything-goes kind of experience. And we do mean anything! Let our local guide escort you past the queues straight to your own reserved table and party hard till dawn. If you’re in Ayia Napa and not taking advantage of this stag activity something must be seriously wrong with you…like, your dead or something. VIP Clubbing Our VIP clubbing experience steps things up a notch, even several notches (wait, do we still measure things in notches?  Did we ever?).  Imagine our club night activity described above; then imagine a club night that’s like riding the Devil’s own stallion at the head of a raging herd urged on by the very flames of hell nipping at their hooves as they stampede through a landscape filled with explosions, jet-planes shrieking overhead and fantastical mythical beasts…on fire.  No?  Can’t picture it?  Then just imagine it like a Mediterranean version of Scorsese’s film, “The Wolf on Wall Street”, only with less boring bits…and on fire.  Seriously, this is THE crazy club night out your stag party wants, no, needs to experience. Yacht Rental Now, normally if someone ever asked you if you’ve every partied on a yacht before, you’d think “Man, what a public-school tw__”.  But, have you?  Because now’s your stag do’s chance to party in luxury.  A limousine stacked with champagne on ice takes you down to the harbor where you board a luxury yacht to enjoy an open bar and buffet as you cruise on the Med beneath the stars.  This activity is the perfect way to celebrate with your mates in style. Quad Biking Thrashing through the harsh but beautiful scenery of Ayia Napa on the backs of these all-terrain beasts might just be our favorite stag activity. It’s an all-out action day for boys who love their toys as you carve your own new and exciting routes through challenging terrain that takes in the interior of the island and coastal areas of the island. Plus, for the real men, there’s the opportunity to cliff dive into the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean.  Adrenaline junkies might just overdose on this Quad Biking stag activity. Brewery Tour It’s not a real stag party unless some serious drinking takes place, right?  Well with our all you can drink brewery tour activity even the biggest lush in your group will have their thirst quenched in spectacular fashion.  The fine people of Prime microbrewery reveal some of the secrets behind their best brew creations on a behind-the-scenes tour of their brewery before you sit down for a power hour of pounding beers with your best mates.  If we may be so humble as to suggest their Oatmeal Stout…without a doubt it’s one of our favorite craft beers. So those are our top activities on offer in Ayia Napa for your stag party.  Need some other ideas that may strike your fancy, be sure to check out our extensive list of other day stag activities and night stag activities – you’re sure to find something to your liking. Standard 2 day and 3 day packages are also on available.  And remember that our expert event organizers are always on hand to help create a custom package that suits your stag’s particular needs.  Don’t see something listed?  Give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do for you to help make your party one for the ages.