Stag dos can be the best thing about a friend getting married. Suddenly you and all your best mates have a perfect excuse to go all out on a trip abroad (or at home). However, as can be imagined, organising a big group of lads; and ensuring they all have a stellar time, can be a daunting task and of course there are numerous things that can go wrong. Arranging an epic fail of a stag do No one wants to be that guy. You know, the one who is charged with organising a mate’s stag do, takes money from everyone for the event and then proceeds to be an epic failure. Avoid this occurring altogether by enlisting the experts to help with the job. A company who specialise in organising stag dos is a sure fire way to guarantee that the event is a success and means you don’t have to worry about whether people are going to have a good time, or if the logistics are going to go to plan. Booking too late and missing the boat Going abroad for a stag do is becoming increasingly popular, with hordes of beer thirsty boys heading over to European party capitals like Prague, Budapest or Krakow every year. Growing popularity means increased demand for stag activities, accommodation and even flights and transportation. Don’t miss the boat by waiting until the last minute to book, find an expert provider in your chosen destination and get the logistics arranged nice and early to leave you more time for the smaller details. Forgetting to cater to the varied needs of the group While some members of your stag group might be happy to stay in a shed with no running water and drink their body weight in beer every hour, the group is likely to have a variety of different characters (potentially including Dads and even Grandads) and therefore different tastes, needs and requirements. Keep everyone in mind while you are planning and try and make sure there are activities for everyone involved. That one mate who gets completely annihilated Almost every stag group will have one person who spells trouble, that mate who is a complete liability after a few pints and might fall in a river or get lost in the back alleys of some Eastern European capital when drunk. To curb the dangerous incidents that may occur as a result of these guys over-zealous drinking habits, either don’t invite him at all, have everyone sign a stag contract or assign a “babysitter” each night to ensure he doesn’t wonder off. Someone on the team gets hurt or lost Combine a big group of rowdy and excited lads with copious amount of booze and unknown foreign lands, the risk of someone getting hurt or getting lost is pretty huge. Instead of playing it too safe in order to avoid the risks, have as much fun and beer as you can handle but make sure every stag has a survival guide with them which includes a map and a list of emergency numbers and hospitals. Have a contingency plan that you all know to follow in the case of an emergency and always make sure one member of the team stays relatively sober so someone can take control if there needs to be action taken. Breaking the law turns ugly We’re all for having a good time while abroad on your stag do, but no one wants to end up locked up in a local jail not knowing the language and ruining everyone’s trip. Take some time before you head off to learn a little bit about the local rules and regulations and try and abide by them – or at least don’t get caught. Just because you are in a foreign country doesn’t mean the laws don’t apply to you! The groom doesn’t approve of the invites Even if the majority of the stag trip is a surprise for the main man, it’s always a good idea to have him at least approve the guest least before you go an inviting spree and end up asking someone he doesn’t want to be around. Getting the stag to choose his guests also mean that you can be sure that the people there are the people closest to him that he wants to celebrate with. You run out of money If you don’t plan ahead, there’s a good chance you’ll blow all your money on the first few big nights out. Instead of winging it and going in blind, tick these things off your to do list first. Make sure you know everyone’s budget before you plan; book in advance so you don’t have to pay anything upfront; look into prices in the country of your choice so you know how much spending money you’ll need.